Make a Baby Astronaut Costume for Halloween

October 20 2017 |

Baby astronaut costume for Halloween

Why are babies in costumes so dang cute?! Maggie is so game for everything these days, so obviously I’m dressing her up in everything I can until she starts protesting. Smarties recently asked us which smart historical figure we would dress our kids as for Halloween, so naturally I made a baby astronaut costume. Baby Sally Ride! Come on, I know you have hearts popping out of your eyes right now. 😉

Head over to the Smarties blog to get the how-to and make your own kiddo into a NASA smartie! xoxo

Baby astronaut costume for Halloween

Baby astronaut costume for Halloween

12 thoughts on “Make a Baby Astronaut Costume for Halloween”

  1. Cute!

    As a Canadian I find this especially clever, because in Canada, your Smarties are called Rockets (our Smarties are chocolate in a candy shell).

  2. Also too cute! Wondering if we could get links to the coveralls and patches? Not having too much luck finding the coveralls.

  3. “Chocolate in a candy shell” or “Rocket” whatever you call her… i think she is like super cute….

    Looks like a “astronaut cutie pie”… love the concept and the pics .. 🙂

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