Make a Baby Astronaut Costume for Halloween

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This adorable astronaut costume is so fun and easy to make! Send your little one to the moon before they head out to trick or treat.

Baby astronaut costume for Halloween

Why are babies in costumes so dang cute?! Maggie is so game for everything these days, so obviously I’m dressing her up in everything I can until she starts protesting.

Smarties recently asked us which smart historical figure we would dress our kids as for Halloween, so naturally I made a baby astronaut costume. Baby Sally Ride!

Come on, I know you have hearts popping out of your eyes right now.

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Pros of an Astronaut Costume for your Kiddo

There are so many things to love about this costume!

One of the things I loved most about it for Maggie was that it was focused on a strong, smart, historical female figure. Princesses are great, but Sally Ride is amazing.

Another thing to love? It’s easy! This is technically a DIY created from a simple pair of kids’ coveralls.

Also, you can take off the patches and reuse the the coveralls for a million things after Halloween! If you order a size up, just roll up the sleeves and pant legs to make them fit. Then your little one can use them for a good amount of time.

How to Make a Baby Astronaut Costume for Halloween

It’s so simple! I had the pleasure of creating this project with one of my favorite brands, and you can find the tutorial there.

Head over to the Smarties blog to get the how-to and make your own kiddo into a NASA smartie.

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Baby astronaut costume for Halloween
Baby astronaut costume for Halloween

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  1. Cute!

    As a Canadian I find this especially clever, because in Canada, your Smarties are called Rockets (our Smarties are chocolate in a candy shell).

  2. Also too cute! Wondering if we could get links to the coveralls and patches? Not having too much luck finding the coveralls.

  3. “Chocolate in a candy shell” or “Rocket” whatever you call her… i think she is like super cute….

    Looks like a “astronaut cutie pie”… love the concept and the pics .. 🙂

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  5. I love this Halloween costume concept. The dress, his cute baby belongs to is the same one I bought for my baby and he is love to wear this dress and look much pretty on it.