Make Fun & Creepy Halloween Bagels

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Save the candy for trick-or-treating and make some fun Halloween bagels for breakfast or lunch on Halloween! These easy hacks will help you create a creepily delicious mummy, ghost, and vampire that your family will absolutely devour.

Fun Halloween Bagels: An Easy Meal or Snack

Before I had kids, I never truly realized just how long a day can feel when a child is waiting for night to fall so that they can go trick-or-treating. Am I right?!

And with Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, we don’t even have school parties or festivities to help pass the day! So what’s the obvious answer? Bagels to the rescue, of course!

We brought home a box of Einstein Bros. Bagels and had the most fun creating creepy Halloween bagels, planning out ideas for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. And while you don’t have to wait for Halloween to make these, they’d be perfect on the big day to stave off candy cravings, get a healthy meal or snack in, and stay in the festive Halloween spirit all day long.

And speaking of Einstein Bros., if you haven’t had them — you’ve gotta pick some up! I love the variety and their insanely delicious shmear. (That onion & chive flavor? Come on.) They have an easy baker’s dozen bagel box that comes with 13 bagels and two shmear tubs. You can mix and match it all, so it’s perfect for having some pals over to a Halloween breakfast!

Einstein Bros. is giving 20% off the baker’s dozen box until Halloween, so find a location near you to grab some!

Creepy Bagel Ideas

So let’s make some creepy bagels! These are so easy to make, so perfectly delicious on those Einstein Bros. bagels, and completely charming for both kids and adults.

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How to Make a Vampire Halloween BAgel

Let’s start with everybody’s favorite toothy Halloween fellow — a vampire!

  1. Start by spreading some shmear or cream cheese on your bagel. (We made a plain flavored vampire and a strawberry flavored one as well!)
  2. Next, get some plastic vampire teeth and insert them into the center hole of the bagel.
  3. Add some eyes! You could use small candy eyes, raisins, olives, capers, nuts, or anything small and round.
  4. Next, add some eyebrows and a hairline. What you see here is an olive that’s been sliced and chopped. You could also use sliced or slivered nuts, crumbled crackers, or chopped raisins.
  5. Finally, add a little drop of blood coming off of one of the fangs. You could use a slice of strawberry or red bell pepper.

How to Make a Ghost Halloween Bagel

A ghost Halloween bagel is a perfect lunch or snack option!

  1. Grab an Einstein Bros. bagel — great bagel flavors for the ghost could be onion, garlic, asiago, plain, or even pretzel!
  2. Spread a spoonful of pizza sauce on the open face of the bagel.
  3. From a slice of your favorite white cheese, cut a ghost shape using a knife.
  4. Place the ghost on your bagel. Cut two small circles from an olive and give your ghost some eyes.
  5. Heat your bagel in a toaster oven to melt the cheese — it’s a ghostly pizza bagel!

How to Make a Mummy Halloween Bagel

This delicious mummy Halloween bagel can be made two ways — one is great for breakfast and the other makes a yummy lunch.

Breakfast Mummy

  1. Place a dollop of your favorite Einstein Bros. shmear flavor in a ziploc plastic baggie. Trim off the tip of one of the corners of the bag. This will act as a piping bag so that you can pipe the shmear across your bagel.
  2. Squeeze the shmear out of the piping bag across the bagel at different angles, creating the look of mummy wrapping.
  3. Once you have the coverage that you like, add two eyes. (See above in the vampire bagel ideas for lots of edible things you can use to create eyes!)

Lunch Mummy

  1. Cut a slice of your favorite white cheese into strips. These will be your mummy’s “wrapping.”
  2. Spread a spoonful of pizza sauce onto the open face of your bagel.
  3. Place the cheese strips across the bagel, crisscrossing them to create a mummy look.
  4. Add two olive slices for eyes.
  5. Heat your bagel in a toaster oven to gently melt the cheese and create a mummy pizza bagel!

More Easy Halloween Bagel Ideas

Maybe you don’t have all of the pieces on hand to create each of these fun Halloween bagels, but I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve for you that kids will absolutely love!

When in doubt, spread on their favorite shmear and just add a plastic spider. Sometimes that’s all you need!

Bonus: Make a Jack O’ Lantern Box

And finally, one simple little trick that will take a spread of bagels and shmear to the next level. The Einstein Bros. baker’s dozen just so happens to come in a box that is perfect for carving up like a jack o’ lantern. Cut eyes and a mouth in your box and set it up with your bagels.

This would even be a great idea if you’re bringing bagels in to work for fun. Create a creepy little scene with the bagel box and some cobwebs or pumpkins.

MorE Ideas To Keep You Busy on Halloween

And in case you need some more fun ideas to keep yourself or the kiddos occupied this Halloween, check out some of our most popular Halloween DIYs right here:

Hope you try these delicious Halloween bagels! Happy haunting! xoxo

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