diy nailhead trim pumpkins

DIY Nailhead Trim Pumpkins

Sometimes, you just don’t wanna carve a pumpkin. Sometimes you wanna stick nails in it instead. This is one of those times.

We had some extra furniture nails laying around from this project, and I got it stuck in my head that they’d look really cool in some black and white pumpkins. So we headed to our local pumpkin patch and picked some winners, came home, and got to work. This is one of those projects that’s kind of a no-brainer. You don’t even necessarily need furniture nails — you could use regular nails, thumbtacks, sewing pins with colored heads, etc. Just see what you have laying around in your toolbox or crafty stuff.

No-Carve Pumpkins

Then get to work! You won’t need a hammer to get the nails in — mine pushed in easily just using my fingers. I did most of my pumpkins freehand, although I did use some masking tape for the chevron pumpkin, to keep lines straight. There are so many designs you could do with these! And they’re kind of foolproof (every once in a while I’d misplace a nail, but you can just pull it right out and reposition).

DIY Furniture Nail Pumpkins

So what are you doing with your pumpkins this year? Do you decorate? Mr. Lovely also picked out a gorgeous orange one so we could have something to carve — maybe I’ll post some photos after we do. Happy Halloween! xoxo

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  1. Ok, this is brilliant! After last year’s pumpkin carving fail, I’m up for something easy breezy:) lol These are so chic! Loving the arrow design. I’m definitely trying this out. Thx for the inspiration!

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