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Fun Halloween Home Decor Ideas // Our Halloween Home Tour

To be one hundred percent honest, this is the first time I have decorated inside the house for Halloween! I really don’t know what came over me — I think having kids really just makes taking holidays up a notch super fun. I decided one night after they went to sleep that I was going to cut out some bats and stick them around the house, just to surprise them. And that sort of snowballed into… this.

The cool thing is that I didn’t actually go buy anything new except the faux cobwebs and the live pumpkins. The rest is repurposed from old projects or things that I had in our Halloween stash from previous years. And the other thing I realized as I was decorating is that you can use a lot of what you already have to get a spooky vibe in your house if you want to decorate for Halloween! Think candlesticks, black fabric, books/bowls/dishes in a Halloween color palette. You can really do a lot with what you have, then add in a few cobwebs and paper bats and call it good.

Just in case, I added links below to the things that I used in our Halloween decor, so you can snag it if you want to add it to your collection. And also, I made you a fun free printable to make yourself some Halloween bats!

How to Make Paper Bats for Halloween Decorations

Just grab our free printable file by downloading it here. There are three sizes of bats, but you can also resize the file if you need them larger or smaller. Print the bats out onto black card stock, then cut them out along the lines. Because you’re printing black on black, it’s sometimes easier to see the cut lines if you do it under a light, to see the light reflecting on the lines.

The other option is that you can cut these out with a cutting machine like a Cricut! Super simple, super fast. Just upload the design to your cutting software, load black paper onto your cutting mat, and go for it.

Then, just place a removable glue dot behind each bat’s head, slightly fold the wings forward, and stick them to walls, mirrors, pictures, anywhere!

Get the free printable Halloween Bat Template.

Halloween Mantel Decorations

To decorate our mantel, I actually started with what was already on it. I removed a framed print and the clock, and replaced them with some spooky touches. The bats went up first. Then I covered the mantel with some black cheesecloth that I had in my fabric stash. I used some live pumpkins that were small enough to fit on the mantel, along with some black candlesticks to add height. Another focal point is the letterboard, where I added one of my favorite quotes from the best Halloween movie ever: Hocus Pocus.

One super easy and cheap way to up your Halloween decor game? Get a package of fake spiderwebs at the dollar store and put them on all the things. I added a bit to the mantel and it kind of tied everything together (no pun intended, seriously).

Halloween Dining Room Decorations

The name of the game in the dining room is all pumpkins, all the time! I had a whole mess of faux pumpkins from years past, so I combined them with a few live pumpkins from the grocery store and spread them around. For the table runner, I used more candlesticks and black cheesecloth, all layered over one of our everyday table runners. I popped in a couple of skulls and a skeleton of a hand (that Maggie actually chose from Target, which I think is hilarious). I also used a pumpkin-shaped dutch oven that I keep hidden for the rest of the year. Time to let that baby out!

On the buffet, we added lots of pumpkins, both real and fake, and some of the little bats from our template. Another fun addition here are the glass beakers full of little fake bones. They’re just filler but so fun! The kids are pretty into them. I also set out the spider paperweight from this DIY a couple years back.

More Halloween Home Decor

Other than that, I kind of went bonkers hiding little bats and skulls all over the house for the kids to spot! They look super cute on picture frames, mirrors, and even plants. It kind of ties everything together when you sprinkle them around the house.

And that’s it! Do you decorate indoors for Halloween? After having dove in this year, I kind of think I won’t be able to NOT do it next time. I just love getting into the holidays and the spirit of it all. I’d love to know how you decorate for Halloween! xoxo

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