When People Are Kind to Your Kids

Mom and kids holding cake pops

There was a time early last year when we were really struggling with Henry’s health. He was in and out of urgent care as we figured out his asthma, constant ear infections, and overgrown tonsils. I’m so relieved to say…Read More

Party Favor Idea: Custom Sprinkle Mix

party favor idea: custom sprinkle mix

Not gonna lie, the part of Henry’s tonsils party that I was most excited about was the party favor idea: custom sprinkle mix! I had been wanting to put together some custom sprinkles for a few months and was waiting…Read More

How to Make a Patterned Peplum Baby Shirt

How to make a patterned peplum baby shirt

My favorite place for kids’ basics has been June & January, from day one. I’ve been dressing Henry in their pieces since he was born, and now Maggie wears the all the time as well (some of her J&J are…Read More