How to Make a Modern Desk Organizer

How to make a modern desk organizer

It is just me, or is it really hard to get anything done if your desk is a mess? I can truly say that I get more accomplished when my workspace is clean, organized, and (I admit it) pretty. My…Read More

Things to do in Rome with Kids

Things to Do in Rome with Kids

Rome feels like a big city with giant chunks of history tucked around every corner. We did so much walking in Rome (I think we clocked about 50 miles of walking in 5 days), and every city block felt like…Read More

Things to Do in Florence, Italy with Kids

There are a few magical places in the world that we’ve traveled to and for whatever reason, it felt like we just belonged there. Florence is one of those places. The tiny cobblestone streets. The art tucked into every corner….Read More