My No-Buy Challenge // Want to Join?

no-buy challenge

I am super pumped and also kind of scared to tell you that I have embarked upon a no-buy challenge! I sort of made an off-the-cuff announcement about it the other day on Instagram and the response was¬†overwhelming. People were…Read More

How to Make a Modern Kids’ Picnic Table

How to Make a Modern Kids' Picnic Table

Guys, my husband did it. He created his greatest woodworking project yet! One day I was like, “Wanna make the kids a little picnic table?” And a few days later he was like BAM I DID IT. This thing is…Read More

What I Learned From My Parents

what I learned from my parents

This year, my parents had their 48th wedding anniversary.¬†Forty eight. Can you believe that? Sometimes I look around at our family and it really hits me that we’re all here, including our kids and my niece and nephew, because of…Read More