Family Style // What the Kids are Wearing

What the Kids are Wearing

Summer is rocking hard core in our neck of the woods! All of our sweaters and jeans are put away and we’re here for that tank top life. Also, both of our kids hit an insane growth spurt so we’ve…Read More

Our Best and Favorite Children’s Books

BabyLit Books

One of my favorite things to do with our kids is read books. We started them super little to make sure that they had an appreciation of and love for books and stories. Henry took to it so naturally, and…Read More

How to Make a Shut The Box Game

How to make a shut the box game

I was doing a little research to decide on which games we should include in this year’s DIY board game series and came across Shut the Box! Have you ever played? I fully admit I had never heard of it…Read More