More Downtown Love Notes

February 21 2018 |
Chalk street art

We’re becoming notorious for our love notes downtown! I love where I live, and sometimes I just want to leave some love notes to our city. There’s a growing community here of creative, like-minded people who love to spend time…Read More

Documenting Our Kids: Ten Minute Interviews

February 20 2018 |
How to document your kids with an annual ten minute interview

I’m our family historian, and it brings me the deepest joy to have that job. Since our kids were born I’ve been keeping their baby books up to date (yes, even kid #2’s!), taking and printing photos, and making annual videos….Read More

Happy Friday + A Long Weekend

February 16 2018 |
Sayulita Pompoms

Don’tcha just still loooooove those pompoms? We came back from Mexico last year with bags full of them and I still regret not getting more. I’ve never seen any like the ones we found in Saulita when it comes to…Read More