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Master bedroom

New year, new set of projects! Actually, it’s more like old set of projects that we never did because I was tired. But you know that big gust of wind in your sails that you get around the start of the year? Yeah, I have that right now. So I went through every room in the house and took stock of every single thing that I meant to finish after the remodel and never did. And yes, some of them are things like “clean out the closet,” but I figure if I list them here then I’m way more likely to get them done than if I just sort of try to remember them. So here’s everything we have left!

Window Seat Nook In the master bedroom, the window seat has always felt like it needed something. For a while I thought we would wallpaper just the nook (which would probably mean recovering the seat cushion I made). Then I thought I would make a long, wide tapestry wall hanging to hang over the window. Ryan keeps threatening to just hang a pair of antlers up there. But I have no idea what to do with it! Any ideas?

How to outfit a window seat

Master bedroom

Hide TV Cords The fact that we didn’t hid the cord on our Frame TV makes me crazy! I’ve seen lots more since we hung ours where they hid the cords and it looks so much better. So we’ll probably have to call an electrician for that one. I think it’ll also mean some rethinking on that mini gallery wall with the tv in it.

How to hide a TV in the bedroom

Master Bath Chandelier I even did a whole blog post on this one and STILL never actually tackled the project. We need something hanging over the bathtub in the master bath and I’ve always wanted to make it by hand. I think this is one that’s just intimidating so I keep putting it off. Check out this post and give me your opinion.

Modern, Bright Master Bathroom

Master Bath Shelves I also always sort of meant to put two small floating shelves over toilet, instead of that fiber art wall hanging. Thoughts? Sometimes I love that look and sometimes it feels a little weird over a toilet. Like do you really want to display things on a shelf over a toilet? I have no idea! The more I think about it the more confused I get. What do you have over your toilet?

Modern, Bright Master Bathroom

Kid Bath Shelves (Or Something?) I have always felt like the kids’ bathroom just feels incomplete. I initially meant to have some floating shelves over the back end of the tub but we just randomly abandoned that plan. I love this bathroom and all of the tile, and I feel like it needs a counterbalance with something up high because the tile is heavy down low. What would you do here?

Light and airy kids' and guest bathroom

how to make a beaded plant hanger

Clean the Kids’ Closets Ugh. We did make a little headway with Henry’s, but please note that I didn’t include the top shelf in this photo for a reason:

Boy's big kid room ideas

Maggie’s Big Kid Bed This one is in the works and I’m so excited! We’re transitioning her into a big kid room and it’s gonna be realllly good.

Studio Seating Area This area started out okay but has since become an almost completely unused area of the studio. We’re planning on making it more functional but still trying to preserve a little sitting area for meetings, etc. Still thinking on this.

Bright, Colorful, Happy Studio Office

So seriously, like FOR REALS if you have any bright ideas or insight on any of these project we have left, I beg you: leave me a comment! I feel so stuck on so many of these but I have the gumption to get started. So I’m in definite need of some help. Help ya girl out! xoxo

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  1. I have a print of artwork hanging over my toilet! I was going to put shelves up but then I didn’t know what to put on the shelves and I figured I’d be annoyed at having to clean them.

    I love your window nook, and instead of wallpaper, maybe just paint the nook instead? Maybe a dark color!

    I bet you could make a really cool macrame project to hang over the tub, using polypropylene rope! You can use it for macrame projects outside, so seems like you could also use it in a bathroom! or hang a bunch of plants!

  2. There are three glass shelves above my toilet…..but then again, my bathroom is the size of a thimble and the storage is greatly needed (thank you, NYC). I actually love the idea of wallpapering or painting the window seat nook! You already have so many fun, bright moments in your master bedroom, you can keep that wall subtle and it will complement the surrounding shelves (maybe a wallpaper with a subtle metallic? something to add texture instead of color?).

  3. I would put solid color curtains around the window in the kids bathroom. It would balance the bottom of the room without creating too much visual clutter.

  4. I LOVE reading about people’s home projects! It inspires me to take a look at my living space and re-evaluate it. Whilst we’re only renting and can only do so much (which is really not anything at all to do with the actual house or walls, but still!), I think it’d be beneficial for us to do some rearranging and clean outs to ensure we’re getting the most out of our tiny space. I hope you manage to get everything on your to do list finished! ?

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