2019 // Free Digital Wallpaper to Inspire You

2019 // Free Digital Wallpaper to Inspire You

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For the last seven years, my first blog post of every January has been the same. No resolutions. I can’t do resolutions right. But what I can do is shift my focus on the way I’d like to live, to think, to move through my days. And believe it or not, these posts help me.

I woke up at 4 this morning, having fallen asleep at 11 last night. Not a huge amount of sleep but for some reason my eyes opened and I felt excited. I wanted to write. My house was quiet, the kids were slumbering that sweet, heavy baby sleep. The kind where you look at them and can’t help but touch their cheeks because you still see shades of the day that they were born. So I lit a fire in the fireplace and sat down to clear my head about 2019.

What do I want this year? So many things. I want a world that feels safe and kind. I want a family that stays healthy and out of harm’s way. I want to feel like I’m the best version of myself. I want to do good things.

I don’t know if it’s all reachable. It’s probably not. But the most beautiful thing about a new year is that it revives the hope and drive to try to reach all of these things. And for me, it’s a chance to figure out what exactly it is I want to try in the first place.

So this is my compass this year. And if it helps you, it can be yours as well. I might not be able to exactly express what it means for me, but that’s not important. The important thing is that if you need the same compass, it’s here for you. Happy 2019, dear friends. xoxo


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