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We Need Your Opinion: Master Bath Chandelier

I’ve been putting off making or buying a chandelier for the master bathroom for months now, and the time has come. It’s making me crazy that I haven’t officially finished that room because there’s a big gaping space where the chandy should be. So! I have some specific questions for you and I’d love your opinions.

For starters, the chandelier is going over the tub. And YES I know that it’s not to code, and it’s not safe to put a chandelier over the tub and NO I would never take a bath in a tub with a light hanging over it. That’s just asking for it. 😉 The chandelier will most likely not be wired; it’s meant to be more of a decor piece. I just always pictured this gorgeous something hanging over the tub and in front of the big picture window, to kind of complete the view when you open the door and walk into the master bathroom.

So I have a couple of conundrums to ask you about. First. Make or buy? I kind of want to tackle making one but I’m a little worried it’ll come out looking ragged. I have faith in my DIY skillz, but I just really want it to look tip-top. What do you think? Take the time to invest in a hand-made piece that I could then share on the blog, or just pony up and buy something?

Secondly, I’d love your opinion on the metal finishes. We went with a bright, shiny chrome in the master bath and I LOVE it. It’s different than the gold that everyone is going these days, and it makes it feel very polished and bright. My question is this: do you think the chandelier should have the same finish if there is metal involved? Or is it okay to bring in another metal, like brass or something similar?

And finally, I know I want to bring in a more natural-feeling element for the chandelier to contrast all of the tile and metal in the bathroom. Are you guys feeling the beaded chandeliers, or the ones that use fibers like tassels or macrame cord? My dreamboat chandelier is that Justina Blakeney tassel one down at the bottom, but I’m a little concerned about having those tassels in the bathroom where it gets steamy and all that. Give me all your opinions. And just so you have an idea, a saved a few favorites that are inspiring me, down below.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts! I always love hearing your input and it’s so helpful as we make all of these fun choices. xoxo

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8 thoughts on “We Need Your Opinion: Master Bath Chandelier

  1. I have no DIY skills, but given that you do, I think you could definitely try making your own! If you’re not satisfied with the result, you could always buy one later, since the DIY probably shouldn’t be too expensive. I do think the fiber-y ones might get yucky pretty rapidly, but the wood bead type should be ok. I think mixed metals look great, but do keep in mind that if the chandelier is breaking a bit with the room’s general vibe, giving it a similar color metal (or to a lesser extent, different color but same finish) might help tie it in more with the room.

  2. I have a chandelier over my bathtub and LOVE it!
    I love the tassel one is my fav….wondering about the dust
    My first thought was silver!

  3. I love the tassel one on the very bottom. Second choice is the one on the very top. How about an led candle/candles on a timer? It might act like a night light but still safely achieve the ambiance you’re looking for.
    As far as metal colors I’m a matchy matchy girl. However, I think in this contemporary style period, it really doesn’t matter as long as you love it!
    Your style is so delightful yet sophisticated. Someday I must have a home tour ?.

  4. I’m thinking if you really aren’t going to have it ever turn on, you go with the first two or the last ones – they look much more like statement pieces and not like they’re meant to light the room. Plus it won’t look awkward that it’s missing the light bulbs.

  5. Hmmmm…choose one that you can take down whenever you want and submerge for a quick cold-water cleaning. So that also means not too heavy, because you don’t want to fall over the bathtub or otherwise hurt yourself while taking it down. Oh, I know, get one of those long poles to lift it out of its mooring and bring it down. ☺️ Fyewf, now I’m exhausted! ?