Discovering a New Lovely // The Manifesto


In some ways, Lovely Indeed is like a dear old friend to me. It has been here with me through a wedding and a marriage, a few careers, two children, friends that have come and gone, world travels, high highs, and very low lows. And like a good friend, it has changed with me and allowed me to become who I have been in the various seasons of the last decade. And like so many times before, I feel a shift inside myself that is becoming reflected in Lovely Indeed.

I feel a pull to things that matter. To help other people, especially women, who have dreams and ideas that are both big and simple. To show you how lovely the world is and how easy it can be to find that loveliness. To create things that are usable, sustainable, attainable. To help families craft a life that feels like home. These are the things I think about all the time.

So to that end, you’ll be seeing some new things roll out around here little by little. This is no big proclamation; there’s no grand reveal or opening day. Rather, I’m going to follow my gut toward these gradual changes that feel right and good and like what Lovely Indeed wants to be. I hope you’ll follow along because for the first time in a long time I feel truly excited about what could be and about the ideas rolling around in my head. I think this is going to be really worthwhile. Stick around.

And to help guide us, our new manifesto. Everything that we believe is right here. Let me know if you believe it too. Xoxo

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