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DIY Gold Geo No-Carve Pumpkins



I love carving pumpkins, I really do. And I’m sure I’ll carve up a pumpkin or two before Halloween. But sometimes, you just don’t wanna carve a pumpkin. You don’t want to get your hands all gushy in the pumpkin guts and you don’t want to almost slice your fingers apart with those little pumpkin carving knives that don’t do anything anyway. So this DIY is for all of you lovelies out there who want a lot of visual bang for your buck with almost zero time or cleanup. Fancy, gold, geometric, no-carve pumpkins.


  • a few pumpkins
  • gold pen (Pen-Touch is my hands-down fave)

Make Time: 10 Minutes



You could really do this with any old pumpkins, but I think it looks particularly bossy on white mini pumpkins. I would seriously keep these things out all year long. So. Get your pumpkins, dust off any yucky stuff, and start drawing.

Choose a “front side” of the pumpkin. For this particular project, I looked for the smoothest side with the fewest blemishes and the shallowest grooves. (Sometimes if the groove is too deep the pen won’t reach down in there and you can’t get any ink on it.) On the front side, draw a triangle. Right next to it, draw another triangle, with flat sides about 1/8″ apart. I like to keep the lines between all of the triangles relatively even, so I always try to put flat sides together (as opposed to a point being next to a flat side).




I was going to continue the pattern all the way around, but I reached a stopping point and stood back and thought it looked pretty rad! So I let it be. Feel free to continue the geometric pattern around the whole dang thing.


I love these! I think they’d make really cool party favors or teacher gifts for Halloween. I’ll be keeping mine forever. Or at least until they rot. Happy Halloween! xoxo




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75 thoughts on “DIY Gold Geo No-Carve Pumpkins

  1. Gold paint pens are the best! Love the geometric shapes you went with on this one Chelsea. Very chic, for pumpkins.

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  3. Love this! I think you covered just enough with the pattern. If you had covered the whole thing it would haev looked a bit busy, but this is much chic-er

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  16. I. LOVE. This. I think I might try it on those fake craft pumpkins from Michael’s – that way I can keep them forever!

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