How to Knit a Blanket with a Kit

Learning how to knit a blanket is so achievable! A great first step is a knitting kit, which comes with instructions, yarn, needles, and all of the tools and support you need to knit your first blanket. This one has giant pompoms which makes it extra fun!

how to knit a blanket
how to knit a blanket

I knit my first scarf when I was about 18. My aunt taught me the basics (cast on, knit, cast off), and I was on my way.

Many, many scarves later I decided I wanted to expand my repertoire and try to make things that were a little more complicated. But without guidance about things like which yarn to use, which size needles, and general patterns I felt overwhelmed.

Enter: Wool and the Gang!

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how to knit a blanket

The Perfect Knitting Kits

I discovered Wool and the Gang a few years back when I was scrolling around online, looking for knitting patterns. It was a perfect solution! (There’s a discount code for you later in this post.)

Wool and the Gang provides knitting kits (along with other types of kits like crochet, needlepoint, and more) that are so achievable and give you beautiful final products. My first project a few years back was a snood, which was so fun to make — and totally made me feel like I knew what I was doing.

Their kits make it easy to choose a pattern that you can achieve (they’re rated by difficulty), with the right yarn (you can specify from lots of lovely colors), and they have so many incredible projects that are cool and modern.

how to knit a blanket

Choosing a Blanket to Knit

I love thick, chunky blankets so after I looked through their blanket patterns I decided on the Rosebud Blanket.

I saw that in the description the blanket mainly uses a hurdle stitch (a combination of knit and purl stitches), so I knew that I could handle that. And the description also let me know that the project would take about 13 hours to complete, which sounded like a good amount of time — easy enough to spread over a month or so.

The kit arrived with everything I needed — the right amount of yarn, the correct size needles, a pompom maker, and an instruction booklet.

If you want to grab a kit or some materials from Wool and the Gang, we have a special discount for you! Use code CHELSEA15 for 15% off at checkout through January 14 of 2023 (not applied to gift cards, bundles, or sale items). I hope it gets you started on a creative project!

How to Knit a Blanket

How? With lots of patience. This particular blanket takes 84 stitches across and about 170 rows — you do the math!

Following the instruction booklet was wonderful because I felt like every time I had a question there was a little section that answered it right away. It also has references to videos online that can show you the process of any stitches or techniques that are unfamiliar.

After casting on, a hurdle stitch works two rows in a knit-purl rib pattern, then knit one row and purl one row. Repeat over and over until the blanket is your desired size. I clocked my hours and I ended up taking about 12 hours total for the blanket, then another 30 minutes or so to make and attach the pompoms.

The photo below is of my very first stitches!

how to knit a blanket
how to knit a blanket

Here you can start to see the pattern emerging. It feels so satisfying to see the individual stitches start coming together to create a larger picture.

how to knit a blanket

And this image below is about halfway done. I could probably point out a few errors, but I decided that I’m okay with it.

Knitting a blanket like this one is more than the sum of its parts. It’s so amazing to create something with your hands that you will use in your home, that will keep you warm and that will be a part of your family’s life.

The errors make it unique. And they are a record of the time you spent on creating a beautiful thing.

how to knit a blanket
how to knit a blanket

Adding Pompoms to the Corners of a Blanket

The pompom maker that comes with the kit was so helpful!

With an extra large pompom maker and thick, fluffy yarn, the result is a giant pompom that’s so fun and whimsical.

After I made the four pompoms for the corners, I simply left one long piece of yarn on each instead of trimming it off, and used that to weave through the corners of the blanket and tie the pompoms on.

how to knit a blanket
how to knit a blanket
how to knit a blanket

Happy Knitting!

Can’t recommend enough trying a kit if knitting is something you’ve always wanted to do but are intimidated! It takes so much guesswork out of the process and helps you end up with something you’ll truly love and use.

Have fun! xoxo

how to knit a blanket

This post is sponsored by Wool and the Gang. All ideas and opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed going.

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  1. A kit with instructions, what a great idea! I have crocheted, but never learned one thing about knitting! (Mom mother used to to tat. Does anyone still do that? Beautiful projects! I never learned that, either.)
    This blanket is beautiful ! Yes—a forever family treasure. ?