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DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkins for Fall

DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkin

DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkin

I know. I KNOW, OKAY?! I know it’s still summer but so help me September hits and I’m all “jeans and boots and pumpkin spice this and cozy sweater that.” I know it’s a horrible thing I do to myself because it’s going to be summer until the middle of October (for crying out loud) but I just can’t help it. I needed a little fall in my life. So I grabbed some pumpkins from Michaels and did just a teeny, subtle little golden DIY that will satisfy my fall tendencies until it’s actually appropriate.


  • craft pumpkins
  • gold leaf
  • gold leaf adhesive
  • paintbrush
  • gold leaf duster brush
  • washi tape

Make Time: 10 Minutes per Pumpkin


Step 1: Apply a strip of washi tape around the lower third of the pumpkin and smooth into the crevices to ensure coverage.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of gold leaf adhesive around the bottom of the pumpkin, covering all the area below the washi tape. Be sure not to let the adhesive pool; a little goes a long way.

Step 3: Allow the adhesive to dry for a couple of minutes, until it’s tacky to the touch. Then cover the adhesive with gold leaf. Take a sheet, press it into the adhesive, and pull away the orange backing. Repeat until all of the adhesive is covered.

Step 4: Use your duster brush to buff away any excess gold leaf until the surface is smooth.

Step 5: Remove the washi tape to reveal a clean top edge.

DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkin

These golden gourds are making me pretty happy! It’s just the right amount of fall to sneak into the house without annoying Mr. Lovely because it’s barely September (see how sneaky?!). If you want to get a teeny touch of fall into your world, hit Michaels — they’ve even got these fun half pumpkins you can jazz up. Happy (almost) Fall! xoxo

DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkin

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23 thoughts on “DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkins for Fall

  1. Adorable and festive yet chic – love this. Do you think it would work on real pumpkins come Halloween?

  2. I knooowwwwww!!! I do that too. I am secretly so happy to see a little Halloween candy and Fall touches in the stores ALREADY! Even though it is still sweltering hot outside. I get so excited about Fall and these adorable pumpkins are lovely indeed! (See what I did there? :] )

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    1. You could try spray glue but I have a feeling it would get a little messy! A better substitute would be something like ModPodge — something that you brush on.

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