Vampirina Party Ideas

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These Vampirina party ideas are perfect for a kids’ birthday! Easy, fun, and guaranteed to make one of your best celebrations ever. Read on for all the details from Maggie’s Vampirina party!

vampirina party ideas
vampirina party ideas
little girl at vampirina party

Let me tell ya: there’s not much easier than putting together a Vampirina birthday party right before Halloween. Because of COVID precautions we threw Maggie a small fourth birthday with just our family quarantine bubble, and when she said she wanted a Vampirina party I was pumped!

Why was I excited? Well for starters, Vampirina is actually one of the cartoon characters that I really like. I think she’s kind and cool and unique. And secondly, Halloween decorations were everywhere and it was so easy to fill in some easy decor and ideas!

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Vampirina Party Ideas

When the kids ask for a birthday party theme that surrounds a main character, I usually try to downplay the actual character part. If you notice, Vampirina’s face only shows up on our paper plates, a few balloons, and one activity.

Otherwise, I find that if you capture the general feel of the character in a color palette and other types of decor, kids are totally into it! So we went with a pink, purple, and blue color palette to match Vampirina. Other than that, we used spooky decorations and called it a day.

I’m not really into huge, elaborate birthday parties for the kids any more (especially now, when guest lists are extremely limited), and I find that the kids don’t need anything elaborate to be excited anyway. To them, a party is a party. Which I think is awesome.

vampirina party balloons

Easy Decorations for a Vampirina Party

To start with, a few balloons go a long way. I used this tutorial to create a small balloon garland in Vampirina colors. I added just one balloon (from this pack of 6) with her face on it. I found a few spiderweb stickers and stuck them here and there on the balloons.

Easy peasy!

Then I blew up a few other balloons with long ribbons to make it feel a little festive. These Balloon Time tanks are super handy to have around if you want to just blow up a few balloons every so often.

Other things that look great with Vampirina party ideas? Dark flowers, little brooms, pumpkins, spiderwebs, and just about anything spooky. Use a black letter board to write a birthday message, too.

spooky halloween decorations

DIY accessories and Shirts

I love to create little things to wear or share for my kids’ birthday parties. This time we made Vampirina’s bat-wing ponytails, like we did these Mickey ears. If you don’t want to make them you can get some here.

mom and daughter at vampirina birthday party

Maggie had also asked for “spiderweb hands.” I had no idea what that meant, so I improvised. I sort of figured she meant she wanted something like the little half-gloves that Vampirina wears, but with spiderwebs on them?

So I cut some spiderwebs out of black craft foam using the Cricut machine and hot glued them onto some thin black elastic. She loved them so I just went with it!

vampirina party ideas

Finally, I cut a little spiderweb design into white iron-on vinyl using the Cricut and put it on a purple shirt. It was a subtle nod to Vampirina’s spiderweb dress. Just a few Vampirina party ideas to take it up a notch!

Vampirina Party Activities

The main event was cookie decorating! I made cookies in Halloween shapes and set up a buffet of Vampirina-colored icing and sprinkles this was the hit of the whole day!

decorate vampirina cookies
vampirina party ideas
vampirina themed cookies
vampirina party ideas

I also found these little Vampirina painting kits at Party City and snagged them — the kids enjoyed them but probably would have been just as happy with the cookies alone!

Spooky Cake Ideas

And to top it all off, I actually didn’t bake a cake this year! I’m usually all about making my kids’ cakes but I just wanted to leave that to an expert this year.

I found a local baker, Alyssa’s Creative Confections, that did an absolutely bang-up job! I told her I didn’t necessarily want a literal Vampirina cake, but just a nod to the spooky theme with Vampirina’s color palette. And she nailed it.

This is another great way to add to a party theme without overwhelming the party with licensed characters. I always think it’s more than enough to just go with a color palette!

More Kids’ Party Ideas

Be sure to check out all of our other party ideas in addition to our Vampirina party ideas. As the kids grow we’re developing quite the library! Have fun! xoxo

vampirina party ideas

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