Four Perfect Wine and Snack Pairings for Fall

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Wine and snack pairings are so fun to put together with wines from ēlicit Wine Project! Check ouft these amazing wines and our recommendations for the perfect snack for each. Bookmark these for your fall wine nights (or any season!).

drinking wine

Something about fall makes me want to uncork all the wine. Whether it’s a crisp white or a cozy red, autumn just feels like the perfect time of year for it. And I especially love a glass of wine with a good snack.

These days we’re not doing too much entertaining outside of our bubble, but our bubble sure does appreciate some good wine and snack pairings! It’s so fun to mix and match a glass of wine with your favorite snacks and see which are complementary. It’s super fun when you have some great wine to choose from.

Building your Wine Collection

I’m not great at choosing bottles of wine, but I did come across a really cool idea recently — wine subscriptions. Isn’t that smart? If you want to try a range of bottles, or just make things easy and have them sent straight to you, a subscription service like ēlicit Wine Project is so brilliant!

wine and snack pairings

There are a couple things I particularly love about ēlicit Wine Project. First, it’s a subscription service where you can get wine delivered, but you don’t have to get it shipped every month. You can select your frequency and the amount of wine that’s shipped. I also love that you can build your own box by checking out all their wines and choosing faves. (Although they’ll also give you ideas if you need help.)

It’s also a killer way to grow your wine collection, and stock up for gifts or entertaining. You can customize your box with 1-12 bottles, and discounts get bigger with more bottles. For example, a 4-5 bottle box ships for $10 with 10% off all wine, and a 12 bottle box ships for just a penny (!!!) with 15% all wine.

Wine and Snack Pairings

Okay! So you’ve got your wine cabinet stocked. Now let’s get snacking! Read on for some of my favorite wine and snack pairings from ēlicit.

wine and snack pairings

Intrinsic Red Blend. This delicious red blend is perfect for fall sipping! I love the subtle chocolate and plum tastes, and I love serving it with a little salty snack to set it off. The crunch of some popcorn mixed nuts flavored with fresh herbs is an awesome complement to the Intrinsic Red Blend bottle.

wine and snack pairings

Altered Dimension Cabernet Sauvignon. This cab is full of cherry and cocoa flavors and is my favorite with a good wedge of brie! If you’re entertaining, or even if you’re snuggled on the couch with a good book, this is a perfect pairing for a crisp fall evening.

wine and snack pairings
wine and snack pairings

Fruit & Flower Chardonnay. This lovely chardonnay is such a great brunch choice! I like it nice and chilled, with a snack pairing that’s a little tart and a little salty. Some sliced Granny Smith apples and olive oil kettle chips accentuate the pear and apple notes in the Fruit & Flower.

drinking wine
wine and snack pairings

Merf Rosé. This refreshing rosé has become a go-to for me to have on hand to give as gifts, or to sip in the backyard (socially distant, of course) with girlfriends. It’s always a hit with a light caprese salad of mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil. So easy and pretty!

More Tips for Serving Wine and Snacks

Another reason I love wine and snack pairings is that it doesn’t have to be fancy to be good! Don’t overthink it or get too fussy. If you like, you can garnish your snacks with some fresh herbs or simple flowers, like I did above. But the main thing is to experiment and enjoy!

Have you tried any of these wines? I’d love to know which you would choose for your box from ēlicit Wine Project — they have all these and so many more! xoxo

This post is sponsored by ēlicit Wine Project. All ideas and opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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