How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Birthday Party

How to make a balloon garland for a birthday party

How to make a balloon garland for a birthday party

I don’t know what it is, but I just get really excited when it comes time to start planning my kids’ birthdays. Whether they want a big blowout at home, or just an outing with a couple of friends, I think it’s so special to celebrate them in whatever ways they prefer. For both of my kids’ first birthdays, we went really small. Just a few decorations and immediate family at home, celebrating their first year of life. Maggie’s first birthday was extra sweet so I wanted to share some details, starting with how to make a balloon garland for birthday party decorations! This little mini-garland we made was perfect for hanging in a doorway and made the place so much more festive, on a dime. It just takes a few minutes to put together, too.

Kids’ Birthday Party Decorations

Before we get to that, let’s chat a little about kids’ birthday parties. We’ve done some really fun ones for Henry and Maggie: a Pixar Cars Radiator Springs Birthday Party, a Pink Mickey Mouse Birthday Party, a Number Two Birthday Party, a Forest Animal Winter Birthday Party. It can be super fun to go big and do a cute theme, but I’m thinking those days might be dwindling for us. Both of my kids seem to want to start taking a different approach, and just take a couple of friends on a fun outing, or even just go on a special family trip. So we’ll see what happens in the future! But I think no matter what, I’ll secretly miss getting to create fun kids’ birthday party decorations like these.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Birthday Party

So let’s get to this tutorial! There are tons of ways to make a balloon garland, but for a small and simple garland like this one, you can’t beat this fast and easy method.


Make Time: 20 minutes

How to make a balloon garland for a birthday party

Step 1: Start by blowing up your balloons. We used about 25 mini balloons. Tie off the ends of the balloons as usual.

Step 2: Cut a length of beading wire about two feet longer than the area you’d like to cover with your garland. Our area was about 3 feet, so I cut 5 feet of wire.

Step 3: Insert the end of the beading wire through the tied-off tail of your balloons one by one and string them onto the wire. Stop when it’s as full as you’d like to to be.

Step 4: Hang your garland! We stuck a couple of thumbtacks in a hidden spot on our doorway trim and wrapped the wire around the thumbtacks.

Step 5: It’s totally optional, but I really love the tassels on the ends of the garland. So if you’d like to add them, cut another length of wire and string some tassels on. You might want to loop the wire around individual tassels to keep them spaced out as they hang down. We attached these to the thumbtacks also, and the balloons hid everything nicely.

That’s it! When Maggie saw the garland she lost it! She actually learned to say “balloon” that day. We had to hold her up forever so she could reach it and play with the tassels. Definitely worth it for a first birthday celebration. 🙂

Let me know if you learn how to make a balloon garland using our tutorial! I’d love to see images of how yours turns out. And be sure to click through all of our birthday party links up above to get lots more ideas for kids’ birthday party decorations. xoxo

How to make a balloon garland for a birthday party

How to make a balloon garland for a birthday party

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  1. The look of this balloon garland is so pretty, especially with those tassels. And those photos of Maggie are just the cutest! Looks like she had such a sweet birthday. 🙂

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