Taste Test Score Sheet Printable

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A taste test is such a fun and unexpected activity to try with friends! Download our taste test score sheet and set up a taste test for your next gathering.

taste test score sheet
taste test score sheet

Last summer, my brother-in-law invited our kids over and all of the cousins had the best time participating in a Cheesy Cracker Blind Taste Test.

It was hilarious, and it turned out that it was also a really interesting project! The kids were very into tasting the crackers and even more into giving their opinions.

At the end of the taste test, they all had a different favorite and it was so interesting looking at the results. (They also had eaten ten different types of cheesy crackers!)

taste test score sheet

Should You Do a Blind Taste Test?

When the kids were tasting crackers, they wore blindfolds and that made it extra fun!

There are pros and cons of a blind taste test.

If you’re doing a blind test, you’ll have to prep all of the food somewhere that the subjects can’t see it. One they’re prepped, subjects can put their blindfolds on and you can set the food in front of them.

After they’ve tasted the food, you can remove it before they take their blindfolds off to write their rating for that food.

So a blind taste test is a little more cumbersome, but it adds a fun vibe to the whole experience! It also may remove some preconceived notions about a certain food if you’re unable to see it.

taste test score sheet

Food Ideas for a Taste Test

There are so many foods you could try with this Taste Test Score Sheet! Here are just a few ideas to get your thoughts going.

  • gummy candies
  • tortilla chips and salsa
  • french fries
  • veggies
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • cereal
  • ice cream
  • cocktails (for adults!)
  • flavored seltzers

There are countless other foods you could try!

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I pulled together a few of my other fun printables for those of you who love this one!

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taste test score sheet

How to Print and Prep The Taste Test Score Sheets

Down below, you’ll find the free download for the Taste Test Score Sheets. There are two score sheets per printed page.

Just enter your info to download and you’ll receive an email to walk you through the process.

We have a few printing recommendations that make for a really good experience with the score sheets.

First, if you have white cardstock available, I recommend printing on that. The cardstock will hold up and be a little more sturdy than standard printer paper.

Next, if you have a paper cutter tool (one of my most-used tools ever!), it makes quick work of cutting out the score sheets. Just cut on the outside of the yellow borders of each score sheet.

If you don’t have a paper cutter, no problem! Scissors are perfectly fine, they just might take a little longer.

taste test score sheet

Download the printable Taste test Score Sheet

Now let’s get to it, shall we? Below you’ll find the free printable download for your Taste Test Score Sheet.

Just enter your info to download the score sheet and I’ll send you download instructions. Have fun! xoxo

taste test score sheet

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