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Getting unstuck from a creative rut

Whether you’re in a creative field or not, I’m guessing you’ve been stuck in a creative block before. You know the feeling — where you just can’t pinpoint where to start on something that takes a little imagination, whether it’s deciding what to make for dinner each night or how to approach a new project at work. I’ve been stuck at a creative block lately. Not a rut so much, because I have ideas coming out of my ears! But more like block that has had me frozen in place because I don’t know where to start tackling all of the ideas that are there. Sometimes that can start feeling so overwhelming that you throw in the towel altogether and just forget the whole thing. But. I’m writing this post on the other side of it, so I thought I’d share this one big thought on getting unstuck from a creative block.

Getting Unstuck from a Creative Block

A few months ago, I got an iPad Pro. I had been wanting one forever. It was a tool that I saved for and finally got for myself to help work toward one of my creative goals — working on doodling, drawing, and hand lettering. Those are things that have always fascinated me and that I love to consume but I’ve always wanted to put some effort toward creating that type of work of my own. So I got the iPad and have been teaching myself the ins and outs of drawing programs as I draw and experiment. Right away, I shared something that I had drawn. And I loved it! It was obviously not perfect but it was fun to do and fun to share, and it was a representation of where I was at the time.

Then some more time went by and as I kept experimenting more, I got more and more self-conscious of sharing. I think that it’s probably because the things that I was creating weren’t at the level of quality that I eventually want them to be. So for a while I kept working on things and then slowly got frustrated and set it all aside for a while. And there sat my poor little iPad, waiting for me to pull it out and use it to create something (and make good use of the money I spent on it!). Which is crazy.

All of this is to say, here’s my best tip for getting unstuck from a creative block. Put. Something. Out there. And here’s my something. It’s not perfect by any means. But it’s something I created and it didn’t exist before that, and that is kind of amazing when you think about it. And what’s more, it’s meant to inspire. So getting unstuck from a creative block doesn’t take any fancy tools, or classes, or magic. It just takes you.

You are everything you need.

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that I think that applies to all areas of life. You don’t need someone or something else to come along and save you from whatever type of block you might be having. You are everything you need. Put something out there. Some art. Some words. Some of yourself. And I promise you, you’ll start to get unstuck.

So. I made this, and you can download it. Print it out and frame it and hang it for when you need a reminder. xoxo


You are everything you need printable

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  1. You made this?? I love it!! And I’m so glad you shared all of this because I have been wanting an ipad for the exact same reasons but am stalling because I’m afraid everything I make will be crap and I won’t use it. I think you’re doing a great job. Keep going!

    1. Yes girl! It’s so inspiring to let yourself have access to creative tools, whether or not you think you deserve them. Like, we ain’t all Picasso but who says we can’t just pick up a brush?!