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Printable Puzzle History Sticker

Start a charming tradition with these printable puzzle history stickers! You’ll have memories to look back on from your favorite puzzles over the years.

puzzle history sticker

Our family is filled with puzzle people. During the summer or slower times of year, we almost always have a puzzle out on the dining table, and we each cruise by and pop in a piece every so often.

We do the same puzzles often, and I wanted to create a new way to record the times that we work a puzzle so that we can look back and remember.

And so the puzzle history sticker was born!

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puzzle history sticker

What is a Puzzle History STicker?

A while back, we started a tradition of writing the initials and the date of the person doing the puzzle on the back of the final puzzle piece.

I love this idea, and we still do it!

But I wanted a little more space to be able to record and keep memories around our puzzles, so I created this sticker.

You can download it, print it out, and stick it on the inside of the lid of your puzzle box.

Then, each time you work that puzzle, add the name or names of the people who helped, along with the date you finished it.

Over the years, you’ll collect a list of names and dates to look back at and enjoy! We often loan our puzzles to other people, and I look forward to them adding their names to the list.

puzzle history sticker

Supplies You’ll Need

This one is super simple! You’ll just need your computer, a printer, and these full sheet printable labels.

The labels are stickers, so that you can print out the download and stick them right onto your puzzle box.

On each sheet of the download there are two puzzle histories, so you can print out a single sheet and add a sticker to two different puzzles if you like.

Or print out a few and add them to every puzzle you’ve got! You can download the file below.

puzzle history sticker

How to Print Your Puzzle History Stickers

To print, start by downloading the puzzle history file above, and save it to your computer.

Next, load your printer with a sheet of adhesive label paper, being sure to face the correct side up according to how your printer paper feed functions.

You may need to load this in a rear or auxiliary tray.

Open the puzzle history file and select Print. In the printer dialogue, ensure that the correct paper tray is selected and press Print.

Once your file is printed, use scissors or a paper trimmer (one of my favorite tools!) to cut on the printed borders of each sticker.

Apply your sticker to the inside of your puzzle boxes and away you go!

puzzle history sticker

I hope this encourages some lovely time with your family or friends, solving puzzles over wine, snacks, or just lots of laughs. Have fun! xoxo

puzzle history sticker

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