DIY Yahtzee Game

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

Yaaaaaaay it’s BACK! I think our DIY game night projects are my favorite ones of the year. We’ve been dreaming and scheming more DIY games to share with you this summer and I can barely restrain myself from telling you about all of the fun stuff that’s coming up! But let’s just start with this old chestnut — DIY Yahtzee! I cannot tell you how many summers I spent with my Grandma, laying on the floor playing rounds and rounds of it. We had this special banshee yell that we would do when one of us rolled a Yahtzee that I still do to this day any time I get five of a kind. Ohhhhh man, I love this game. Let’s make our own DIY Yahtzee game!


Make Time: 1 Hour (Plus Paint Drying Time)

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

Step 1: Download and print our Yahtzee Score Card template (how ’bout those pretty colors, huh?!). Trim around the edges; each player gets one score card.

Step 2: Paint your dice in the shades that you wish. I love different colors for each one! Allow paint to dry fully.

Step 3: Using the wrong end of a small paintbrush, add the dots to your dice. Dip the end of the brush lightly in paint and carefully make dots by setting the end of the brush directly down on the wood block. Be careful not to come at it at an angle; place the tip directly down to get nice round dots. There’s good info right here about which numbers go on which sides of each die. Paint all of your dots and let them dry thoroughly.

Step 4: You can always roll the dice with your hands, but if you’d like to make a cup for rolling follow steps 4-6. Cut your bentwood box down so that it’s about 3-4 inches high, according to your preference. Trace an even line around where you’d like the top of the cup and you should be able to cut the thin wood with scissors.

Step 5: Use a piece of sandpaper to sand down the top edge of the cup, removing any sharp areas.

Step 6: Cut a piece of leather to the correct size to cover the outside of your cup. Spray the wrong side of the leather with spray adhesive and place the leather carefully around the cup, smoothing as you go. Trim any excess along the top edge.

Now let’s play! I confess: I forced Ryan into a Yahtzee tournament one night after Henry went to bed and got waaaayyyy too competitive about it. I guess my Grandma trained me a little too well. 😉 Stay tuned for more fun DIY games, coming at you for the next 5 weeks! xoxo

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How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

How to Make a DIY Yahtzee Game

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