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Every book tells a story, in many different ways! Add some nostalgia and a fun tradition to your books with a bookplate history sticker, to keep track of who read your book (and when!).

bookplate history sticker

After seeing so many folks stoked on our Puzzle History Sticker, I knew what had to come next!

This printable bookplate history sticker is a lovely way to keep track of who’s been reading your books, who you loaned them to, and when they’ve been read.

If you’re a bibliophile or just someone with a nostalgic and sentimental heart like me, this printable is right up your alley.

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bookplate history sticker

More Bookish Ideas to Try

I love reading, and I always have. It’s a joy to me that my kids love it too!

So if there’s ever a chance to do a book-based DIY, I jump at it.

It just so happens that we have a couple of other projects to make your library a little more colorful.

Create these pressed flower bookmarks with your kiddos! The project is easy enough for them to tackle, and pretty enough to either keep or give as gifts.

For another type of bookmark that’s incredibly satisfying to make, check out these liquid polymer clay bookmarks. The swirl effect is worth a peek!

And if your heart leans sentimental as well, try this lovely journal tradition that I started for our family.

bookplate history sticker

What Is a Bookplate History STicker?

I’m guessing you’re smart enough to figure it out, but let’s wax poetic for a bit anyway, shall we?

We all know that a bookplate is a sticker placed on the inside cover of a book, naming the book owner.

But this bookplate history sticker is a little different! This sticker is meant to hold a history of all of the people who have read the book, and when.

It becomes a lovely story in and of itself, documenting who you may have loaned the book to, or when it might have changed hands.

I love to imagine my books in a few decades, rich with the names of friends and family who have traded my favorite books back and forth with me.

Supplies You’ll need

Not too many supplies for this one!

You’ll just need your computer, a printer, and these full sheet printable labels.

The labels are stickers, so that you can print out the download and stick them right into your books on the inside covers.

On each sheet of the download there are four bookplate histories, so you can print out a single sheet and add a sticker to four different books if you like.

Or print out a few sheets and add bookplate histories to your entire library! You can download the file below.

bookplate history sticker

How to Print Your Bookplate History Sticker

To print, start by downloading the bookplate history sticker file above, and save it to your computer.

Next, load your printer with a sheet of adhesive label paper, being sure to face the correct side up according to how your printer paper feed functions.

You may need to load this in a rear or auxiliary tray.

Open the bookplate history file and select Print. In the printer dialogue, ensure that the correct paper tray is selected and press Print.

Once your file is printed, use scissors or a paper trimmer (one of my favorite tools!) to cut on the printed borders of each sticker.

Apply your sticker to the inside of your book covers and away you go!

bookplate history sticker

Enjoy these lovely stickers and the extra life they breathe into your books. Happy reading! xoxo

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  2. A bookplate history sticker is a label affixed to the inside cover of a book, typically displaying information about the book’s ownership and its journey through different hands over time. It may include the name of the book’s owner, dates of acquisition or gifting, and other relevant details. These stickers serve as a historical record, allowing readers to trace the book’s provenance and understand its significance in the context of past ownership. Bookplate history stickers can add a personal touch to a book’s story and evoke a sense of connection with its previous owners.