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Chore Chart Printable For Kids

Chore Chart Printable for Kids

As long as we’re talking about cleaning houses, let’s do one for the kiddos! A friend of mine asked recently if we had a chore chart printable for kids and I was like No… but we should. So our friend Megan Roy whipped up a chore chart while she was making our cleaning chart, and now Henry has no excuse for not making his bed every day!

Chore Chart Printable for Kids

This one doesn’t need much explanation — download and print our chore chart for kids below, hang it on your fridge or bulletin board, and go to town. You can fill in daily and weekly tasks, and as kids complete them, they can add a check mark or a sticker in the corresponding box. My kids are crazy into stickers and charts, so the little gold star stickers work perfectly. They almost see it like a little game.

For us, the chores are still pretty simple because we have a two year old and a four year old. Our daily tasks include things like making the bed, clearing your plates after meals (for the four year old), tidying their bedrooms, saying please and thank you, and putting their laundry in their hampers. Weekly tasks might be one-off chores that we need help with that week (raking leaves, cleaning up an art project, and so on). We don’t necessarily fill every line with daily or weekly chores, but if your kids are older they might have more responsibilities. You could even add homework, drinking water, eating a meal (if you have finicky eaters), or helping a sibling with something.

I’d love to know what chores you might put on the chart for your kids. Or if you’re an adult, what you like to accomplish every day! Heck, I’d use this thing for myself if I had a week of things to accomplish. xoxo

Download the Free Chore Chart

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Chore Chart Printable for Kids

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