The Very Best Printable Valentines for School!

The Very Best Printable Valentines for School

We interrupt our usual Friday posts to bring you another juicy batch of Valentine ideas! As a mom, I kind of pride myself on doing projects for kids (and by kids) that aren’t… ugly. And that grownups can appreciate too! So in the interest of taking Henry’s little preschool friends some cute Valentines, I hunted the internet for the very best printable Valentines for school. I love all of these, and lots of them are made to be given with a little sweet or treat. Feast your eyes on these! And don’t forget to pin the image below so you can find all of the projects easily while you’re doing your Valentine-ing. xoxo


The absolute best printable Valentines for school kids

Printable XO Valentine Glasses
Soda Valentine
I Like How You Roll Valentine
Worm & Fuzzy Valentine
Bubble Tape Valentine
Donut Box Valentine
Watercolor Paint Valentine
Flubber Valentine
Emoji Valentine
Peas and Love Valentine
Beary Much Valentine
Pencil Flower Valentine
Candy Box Valentine

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  1. Aw, thanks for including my Flubber Valentines in your roundup! Both of my kids’ classes have loved them, and even requested them two years in a row! Love your blog! xo, Jen

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