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Valentines Day Ideas for School

All the Valentines Day ideas for school you’ll need are right here! Check out these printables, recipes, DIYs, crafts, and more!

The Very Best Printable Valentines for School

We interrupt our usual posts to bring you this juicy batch of Valentines Day ideas for school!

As a mom, I kind of pride myself on doing projects for kids (and by kids) that are modern and cool. So in the interest of that, I’ve pulled together all of our very best DIYs, printables, recipes, and more so that you can use some Valentines Day ideas for school.

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Valentine’s Day Ideas for School

I love all of these, if you combine a few of them they’re all you need for a great class party! Take a peek and let me know your favorite of these ten Valentines Day ideas for school

Printable Baby Yoda Valentines

These printable Baby Yoda Valentines are designed to be given with a little bag of gummy frogs. If you have fans of The Mandalorian, you’re going to want to grab these!

baby yoda valentines

Candy cupcakes for a Class Party

These candy cupcakes are one of my favorite Valentines Day ideas for school!

You can make them ahead of time and let the kids enjoy.

Or! You could set up a decorating station and provide the candy for kids to decorate their own cupcakes. Then it serves double duty for a class party — an activity and a dessert.

Make Candy Cupcakes for a Valentine's Day Party

A Valentines Day Photo Booth

Of all of our Valentines Day ideas for school, a Valentine photo booth is probably the most bang for your buck!

This one is made using only two materials: cardstock and double sided tape. The kids can help plan the design and create the actual photo backdrop.

Then, bring a smart phone or an instant camera and let them pose in front of it with a few fun props!

Valentine Sugar Cookies

This isn’t your usual Valentine sugar cookie recipe — they have a little twist that makes them extra fun!

Instead of frosting these cookies, a cookie stamp is used to create fun messages and give the cookies a conversation heart vibe.

Use the cookie stamp to personalize cookies with students’ names for an extra special Valentines Day idea for school.

How to Make Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day

Baloon Valentines

These balloon Valentines are festive and so, so fun!

They’d be perfect to hang as a surprise for your child’s teacher over the door, with a kind message from the class.

You could also include them as a part of your Valentine photo booth backdrop, as an extra bit of decor!

valentine balloons

Printable Valentines with a Fun DIY

I love printable Valentines Day ideas for school! They make life so easy.

This easy Valentine craft comes with a free printable to give as a school Valentine. Create some adorable clay heart pins to go with them and you’ll have fully handmade Valentines to give away.

easy valentine craft

A Sweet + Salty Valentine Snack

I love this Valentine’s Day snack idea because kids can help make it before they eat it!

In fact, if your child’s classroom has a microwave in it you can make it together in class as a fun Valentine’s Day party activity. You’ll just need three ingredients: popcorn, meltable chocolate wafers, and conversation hearts.

conversation heart popcorn

A Valentine’s Day Activity that Ends With a Bang

This surprise cracker Valentine’s Day activity will charm students and teachers!

It’s all the fun of a Christmas cracker, but with a Valentine twist. Fill them with treats and trinkets, and watch the kids’ eyes light up when they crack them open!

valentine's day activity

Valentine Rice Krispies Treats

Any good list of Valentines Day ideas for school has to have a Rice Krispies Valentine Treats recipe, doesn’t it?!

I love this recipe because it’s simple but the finished product looks really beautiful and polished. This is another one that you could decorate in class for a party, having kids help with the decorating.

valentine's day treats

Valentines Day Ideas for School That Make Things Look Rosy

Here’s one final printable that kids will love!

Our printable Valentine for kids in the shape of heart glasses is so fun to wear during a class party! Whether you’re at in-person school or on Zoom, kids will love to see each other through these rose-colored glasses.

Printable Rose-Colored Glasses for Valentine's Day

I hope that you find some fun and useful ideas! Leave a comment and let me know your favorites. xoxo

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  2. Aw, thanks for including my Flubber Valentines in your roundup! Both of my kids’ classes have loved them, and even requested them two years in a row! Love your blog! xo, Jen

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