The Best Gold Craft Supplies and How to Use Them

If it’s gilded, I’m in! As the self-proclaimed CEO of all things golden, I’m happy to present my guide to my very favorite gold craft supplies and how to make the most of them.

A guide to the best gold craft supplies

After so many detailed questions about al of our past golden projects, I thought it was high time to put all of my smarts to good use and make a “Turning Things Gold Guide!”

My craft cabinets are packed full of so many ways to turn things gold it would make your head spin. So read on for our favorite gold craft supplies, how to use them, and where to get them.

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Our Guide to Gold Craft Supplies

So let’s get to the details!

For each type of gold craft supply below, I’ve included a quick overview of my favorite things about it.

You’ll also find a guide to which materials it’s best for, my personal favorite brand, and any tips for making a successful project.

And finally, you’ll see a few of our past DIY projects on which we’ve used that particular gold craft supply. Have fun! xoxo

Craft Supply: Liquid Gilding

Liquid Gilding is one of my favorite gold craft supplies for applying with a brush.

It gives lots of beautiful golden shine and a color that stays true to the golden hue, as opposed to looking dull or tarnished.

I also love that it provides a smooth, slick finish and a professional-looking final product.

Good For: Plastic, rock, cement, metal, etc.
Not Good For: Porous materials like wood, fabric, etc.
Our Favorite Brand: Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding
User Tip: Don’t touch while drying — you’ll leave a textured fingerprint that’s impossible to cover.

DIY Gold Marbled Pencil Cup

DIY Gold Marbled Pencil Cup

DIY Gold Skulls

DIY Gold Skulls

Gold Polka Dot Champagne Glasses

Craft Supply: Gold Paint Pens

Gold Paint Pens are a must-have in your craft arsenal.

They allow you to apply the gold oil-based paint in a very controlled and precise way.

Gold paint pens are wonderful for drawing patterns or designs onto your DIY projects.

Good For: Plastic, rock, cement, metal, natural objects (leaves, gourds), etc.
Not Good For: Wood, fabric, other absorbent surfaces.
Our Favorite Brand: Sakura Pen Touch Paint Pens
User Tip: Keep some scrap paper nearby and pump the pen nib on the scrap paper if it starts writing unevenly. Never pump the pen on your project or you may end up with a blob of ink.

DIY Gold Geo Pumpkins

Gold Painted Easter Eggs

How to make modern gold painted Easter eggs

Craft Supply: Iron On Foil

Iron On Foil is one of those craft supplies that makes you look like you seriously know what you’re doing.

Gold iron on foil results in shirts, sweaters, tote bags, and art that looks like it was purchased in a fun boutique (they’ll never know you made it!).

Good For: Fabric, canvas.
Not Good For: Hard surfaces.
Our Favorite Brand: Firefly Craft Heat Transfer Foil
User Tip: Make sure you have an iron that gets nice and hot to get this stuff to adhere well.

Gold Foil Brushstroke Table Runner

DIY Gold Foil Brushstroke Table Runner

DIY Iron On Gold Heart Shirt

How to Make a Gold Foil Iron Transfer Shirt for Valentine's Day

DIY Gold Foil Cocktail Napkins

How to Make Ombre + Gold Cocktail Napkins

Craft Supply: Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf was my entrée into gold craft supplies, and it’s still the one that I use most often!

It brings a fun, flashy, elevated vibe to just about any DIY project. And once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy to manipulate, with a major payoff at the end.

Good For: Canvas, hard surfaces, leather, cardboard, paper, wood, plaster, etc.
Not Good For: Fabric.
Our Favorite Brand: Speedball Mona Lisa Gold Leaf (This kit comes with the adhesive you’ll need, too.)
User Tip: Don’t let the adhesive pool or you’ll end up with a mess. Also, make sure your dusting brush stays clean and dry!

Gold Tropical Leaf Art

DIY Gold Leaf Tropical Print

DIY Gold Tissue Box

DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

Gold Brushstroke Clipboards

DIY Gold Leaf Brushed Clipboards

DIY Gold Leaf Mousepad

DIY Suede and Gold Leaf Colorblock Mousepad

Craft Supply: Spray Paint

Gold Spray Paint is the easiest gold craft supply to get started with.

If you can press a paint can nozzle, you can do this! It looks fantastic on a finished product and has a lovely soft sheen that’s not overly flashy.

Good For: Metal, wood, rock, cement, plaster, natural objects.
Not Good For: Fabric.
Our Favorite Brand: Montana GOLD
User Tip: Resist the urge to spray thick coats. A few thin coats will keep your project drip-free.

DIY Gold Sink Legs

DIY Gold Sink Legs

Gold Bar Acrylic Tray

How to Make a Gold Bar Acrylic Tray

DIY Connect Four Game

DIY Connect Four Game

Vintage Trunk Restyle

DIY Painted Vintage Trunk

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