DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

I have a deep and abiding dislike for tissue boxes. I know they try to make them cute with colors or patterns or whatever, but they’re just… not. Ryan likes to have tissue boxes in approximately every corner of the house (allergies, ya know), and so I finally have had to wage war against the boxes by making my own cute covers. Obviously, we turned to gold leaf to get the job done.


Make Time: 30 Minutes

DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

Step 1: Paint the top and upper half of all four sides of your box with gold leaf sizing. A coat just thick enough so that it doesn’t puddle should be plenty.

Step 2: Once the adhesive is tacky, lay down pieces of gold leaf on all of the areas you painted. Smooth the gold leaf down so that it adheres thoroughly.

Step 3: (I recommend doing this step outside!) Buff away all the excess gold with your clean, dry brush until the gold finish is smooth.

Step 4: Measure the 4 sides of your tissue box and cut a piece of vinyl long enough to cover all four sides.

Step 5: Cut it to the height you’d like around your box (or cut it on an angle for each side like we did). Carefully wrap one layer of vinyl around the lower portion of the box, smoothing as you go.

Step 6: Optional: If you can see through your vinyl, you might consider adding an additional layer to make the coverage more opaque.

Yes! I win. Tissue boxes that don’t annoy me every time I see them. And my stuffy husband can blow his nose to his heart’s content. All is well with the world! xoxo

DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

DIY Gold Leaf Tissue Box Holder

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