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Oh Hey, 2013

It’s here, dolls. Another year. Another beautiful year.

I made one of these last year, and I loved it. It perfectly encapsulated what I wanted my year to look like, and when I felt like I was straying from my path, I’d use it as a reminder. This year, I kept some things, added some things, and made some adjustments, and I feel like it’s another perfect compass. So in case you’re wondering, these are my plans for 2013.

What about you? Do you make plans for a new year? Do you make resolutions? I used to make lots of resolutions about specific reachable goals. Sometimes I would meet them and sometimes I wouldn’t, but now this feels more right for me. Less about what I’m trying to achieve and more about how I’m trying to live.

Do any of these work for you? What else would you add for yourself? I’d truly love to hear. Let’s kick off 2013 together — I’ll support you and you support me. xoxo


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13 thoughts on “Oh Hey, 2013

  1. This is truly spectacular!!! I love ‘cultivate’. It reminds me that to grow we must work at things with love, care and perseverance. Thanks for a wonderful guide into this year.

  2. Reviewing my accomplishments AND challenges from 2012 motivated me to draft a list of five personal promises for 2013. (Blogging about them made my five feel even more real, too!) Some are silly, others are serious. I feel in a better place now that I have given my personal promises a voice. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. First off, I love your list (and the graphic) — it’s being pinned!

    Secondly, I had planned to shut my blog down in early 2013, but I’ve got a second wind and I want to make it better than ever. I’m a new reader of your blog and really have gotten inspired, so thank you.


    1. Deirdre, that’s so awesome! And I think one of the best things about blogs is that they can truly be whatever you want them to be — so I’m glad you’ve got your second wind, and I hope that the inspiration helps you make your blog just right for you.

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