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Know Your Mind

Another year. Another beautiful year, and who knows what in the world is gonna happen? For the past few years I’ve made these type of non-resolution intentions for the new year. (20122013201420152016. 2017.) I still love those, and they guided my time and absolutely shaped how I thought about, reacted to, and created things over the years. But this year I’m just feeling one guiding idea: Know Your Mind.

I have this bad habit of only sort of knowing my opinion. On a few matters, I’m solid as a rock and can be clear and concise with my ideas. But often, I can’t access that clarity and it leaves me either speechless or idealess or just going along with the crowd. And I’m tired of that. So the idea of knowing my mind is interesting and exciting.

When you think about it, if you truly examine and know your own thoughts it shapes your whole life. The people you surround yourself with, the things you create, the way you interact with community and society, the appointments you make time for in your calendar, what you eat, where you spend your money, and on and on. The people who are really fascinating are the ones who know their own minds and let that manifest itself into their actions. I’m not talking about becoming a human steamroller or forever standing on some soapbox or another. But just being confident in my thoughts and opinions, and knowing why I have them. That’s a goal for me.

So. If any of this speaks to you in some way, I created a wallpaper download for your tech. I have mine on my desktop to remind me to step back and examine my thoughts every once in a while. Grab the downloads below. And whatever your goals or resolutions might be for the new year, I hope they take you somewhere amazing. Let’s do this, 2018! xoxo


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  1. That’s a great resolution for this year. I can understand where you’re coming from; until very recently I feel like I couldn’t stand firm on ANYTHING. Now after a year/year+ from hell, I’ve bounced back and am stronger than ever. Know Your Mind is such a great message to spread!