20 Essential Resources for Starting or Boosting a Blog

20 Essential Resources for Starting a Blog

Truth be told, blogging has guided my life in more ways than one over the last decade. When I started this blog as a hobby, it was because I had something to say. It became my job, for which I’m so grateful, and introduced me to countless friends, beautiful new places, and mind-opening ideas. Not only has my life changed because of my own blog, but because of the blogs that I read and enjoy every day.

Reading blogs has gotten me through planning my wedding, two pregnancies, thousands of questions about parenting, dozens of trips around the world, a home renovation, and so much more. I’m so grateful for the other bloggers out there who share their views and expertise so that we can benefit from it. And if you’re someone who has considered starting a blog to share the things that you have to say, I combed through our Blogging library to create 20 essential resources for starting or boosting a blog.

Everything you need is right here, from even before you set your hands down on a keyboard, all the way to turning it into a business (if that’s your goal). And if you’re a seasoned blogger, some of these links will help you take things to the next level, whether it’s monetizing, organizing your editorial calendar, or just avoiding overhwhelm. Pin this post so you can always come back to it as you work on building your own little space online. Have fun! xoxo

21 Essential Resources for Starting or Boosting a Blog

How Bloggers Make Money
Before you begin, get a clear understanding of how exactly bloggers make money, to know whether or not you want to monetize.

Start With Your “Why”
No matter what else, you have to start with a “why” when it comes to the content of your blog. Here’s one way to find it.

Finding Your Voice
We’ve had lots of questions over the years about finding your blogging “voice” and how to do it. We break down a few simple tricks to explore and find your voice.

The Tools Every Blogger Needs
The basic tool kit that can get you started on the right foot!

How Much Does it Cost to Blog?
Real numbers and a cost breakdown of everything from equipment to hosting.

The Process of Writing a Blog Post
Read this before you write your first post! Don’t miss a step in the process as you’re building good habits for a sustainable blog.

How to Create an Editorial Calendar Full of Amazing Content
Organization and editorial calendars are our favorite things! We share the steps that so many people miss when they’re trying to organize an editorial calendar.

Where to Look for Inspiration When You’re Stuck
There will definitely be days when you feel completely out of ideas. Pin this post for those days.

More Ways to Find Inspiration to Create Fresh Content
And this one too!

Building an Engaged Community
Blogging is the most rewarding when you have a community of people who come to chat and coverse about what you’re sharing. Here’s how to encourage community.

How to Grow Your Blog from Hobby to Business
Looking to get more serious and turn your blog into a business? Start here.

Five Mistakes Bloggers Make in Trying to Grow a Blog
The five exact things that we did wrong while we were trying to grow Lovely Indeed.

Quick Editing Tricks for Social Media Photos
Social media is crucial in supporting your blog, and your images are even more important! See our quick tips for editing great social media photos.

Creative Ways to Monetize Your Blog
Let’s talk money! See exactly how we make money here on Lovely Indeed.

Why and How to Back Up All of your Data
Don’t lose a single image or file to theft, fire, or anything else! We almost did, and here’s how we were backed up to avoid it.

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is hugely important in the blogging world. Here’s how to protect the things that you share online from being stolen.

Copyright Law for Bloggers (And What to do If You’re Copied)
Ever see one of your ideas pop up in a big store? Or on someone else’s blog? Here’s what to do if you’re copied, straight from our IP attorney.

Finding Balance
Don’t let the blogging life consume you — here’s how we find balance.

Five Secrets to the Solopreneur Hustle
Hustle is great, if you do it with self love! Read our five tips for being a solopreneur.

Five Tricks to Avoid Creative Burnout
Lots of bloggers flame out after pushing too hard. Avoid creative burnout and refresh yourself with these easy tips.

How to Work From Home
We’re guessing you’ll start your blog at home — here are our best secrets for making that a successful and enjoyable journey!

20 Essential Resources for Starting a Blog

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  1. Thanks for all the helpful posts! I’m always on the lookout for advice and ideas to improve and grow my blog.

  2. Thank you for this! My site is launching THIS FRIDAY (!) and I have referred to your blogging posts many times to make sure I am on the right track. Thank you for being so open about your journey.

  3. Wow amazing. I’m becoming your follower. Thanks a lot for the 20 tips, I’ll try to implement one by one, in my time, right! And speaking of time, now that I’m retired, I believe the creation of the blog will be faster.
    By the way, I would like your opinion on my first page of the blog that I am creating: https://kyut.store/clube-de-vantagens/


  4. I’ve been considering starting a blog for a while. Putting my thoughts and ideas out there for the world to see is exciting and nerve-wracking. I have given myself a few questions. What if nobody reads it? What if I need to be better? But you know what? I decided to inform more on this topic and I found https://samploon.com/free-essays/social-media/ because it had many reviews with a positive note. I read about advantages and disadvantages of social media life, and other papers about it. So I’ve decided to push past my fear and take this leap of faith. Sharing our stories and experiences is a powerful way to connect and inspire others. So, here’s to face our fears and embracing new adventures! Stay tuned for updates on my upcoming blog journey)