Blogging // Coming Up with Inspiration (Part 2)


Finding Inspiration for Blogging

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me over the years whether I have trouble coming up with things to write about or share here on the blog. And for the most part (aside from the odd dry spell or creative rut — we all get ’em), the answer is no. What I’ve always loved about this space is that it’s essentially just a journal of the things that Mr. Lovely and I like to do or include in our every day lives. We travel, we eat, we make things, we have deep convos. And all of that gets shared here. I think life is just the greatest inspiration. But there are definitely times when I have a more focused intent on creating posts to share, and that’s when I go to my tried and true methods of stirring up some inspiration.

Noticing a Need Oftentimes if I’m feeling like I want to make something and just don’t know what, I’ll check out my surroundings to see if there’s anything I need. The day I realized that my mousepad was old and tired, I accidentally made one of my very favorite DIYs! Similarly, if I feel like there’s an empty space on the internet where there could be a great conversation, I’ll put together a blog post (or series) that addresses it. That’s why I started writing about Married Life.

Window Shopping Mr. Lovely and I are notoriously frugal, but it don’t cost nothin’ to window shop baby! I love going to beautiful shops that have either gorgeous merchandising or really lovely things for sale (or both!) and getting inspired. Sometimes just seeing the way that other people organize or create is enough to get me inspired.

Local Adventures Go somewhere new! Every town has a whole mess of spots to explore, whether it’s a restaurant, a park, a shop, or an event. I love finding things in town that I didn’t know existed — and that’s a blog post in and of itself right there!

Travel I’ve had wanderlust my whole life. And traveling is one of the things that inspires me most. Sometimes our worlds are so small, and we travel in the same paths every day, and we forget that there are places, communities, cultures, vistas, roads we’ve never seen. Go see that stuff if you have the chance. Notice everything you can and see how it enhances your creative vibes.

Talking with Pals Inspiration doesn’t have to cost a dime. I’ve had more than a few creative lightning bolts strike while I’ve been brainstorming or just talking shop with friends. And sometimes I find that the best ideas come from chatting with people in an entirely different industry than mine! It’s so refreshing to get a totally new perspective, and it can sometimes open your eyes to an idea that was sitting right in front of you.

I’d love to know how you get inspired to do what you do! Whether you’re a blogger, teacher, doctor, or anything in between — where do you go or what do you do when you’re in a rut? xoxo

P.S. After I wrote this I realized I wrote something similar about a year ago — and interestingly enough, it’s a little different! See more tips for getting inspired from last year.

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  2. Your style is so unique compared to other people I’ve read stuff from.Many thanks for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just bookmark this site.

  3. Love this post! And I love using travel and window shopping as inspiration … that and good old-fashioned books and magazines. 🙂

  4. This design is wicked! You definitely kno how to keep a reeader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that,
    how you presented it. Too cool!

  5. I just composed a post about inspiration on my blog this morning. Crazy how similar ideas are floating around us all in the universe at similar times. I love your idea of starting a conversation that you don’t think is addressed on the internet. I definitely think I’m going to tuck that away in my head for future blogging ideas. Great post!

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