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You might remember this post about how I chose Lovely Indeed’s name, but I’ve been getting more questions lately about how I actually started the blog and the path I took to where I am now. First of all, sometimes when I’m writing these Blogging posts I feel like a fraud, because by no means am I an expert at blogging. But I am an expert at my own life and my story, so this is what I know. There were a few things I did that were major turning points on my blogging path, so I’m sharing here. These are the points that I can look back and say,” That definitely helped grow my blog.” Hopefully some of these will help grow your blog too!

Creating a Big Batch of Quality Content. In the beginning, before I even publicized my blog, I was writing and posting on it for about a month. I started very small and just for myself, so before I started linking to it or publicizing it, I created a bunch of content. That way, when people came and saw it, it was somewhat established and there was plenty of content to look at. Of course looking back now, those posts have terrible photos! But the DIY concepts were solid and the projects were good, so I had that going for me. And later on, the quality of the content started getting noticed.

Submitting Posts. I started getting to know people when I began to submit materials to be featured on other blogs. Ruffled was having a DIY contest, so I submitted a bunch of projects and got linked to a few times. I sent in our engagement and wedding photos to a few different blogs before they were picked up by The Sweetest Occasion. Every time you put yourself out there, your name travels a little farther, and this was the beginning of how I got to know people in the blog world.

Becoming a Contributor. I got my first offer to become a contributor after Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion featured our engagement photos. She offered me a position contributing DIY projects to her blog and I jumped on it! I had long been a fan, and I was honored that she would trust me to produce content for her. Through that, I met other awesome contributors and bloggers, and more offers to contribute came in. This was a pretty major turning point — it introduced me to bunches of people and made me strive to do better work.

Investing in Quality Tools. After I became a contributor, my standards of quality in my posts skyrocketed. I realized that I needed to invest in a few key items to raise the standards of what I could do, so I invested. I got a better version of Photoshop, I picked out a few great camera lenses, and I paid for classes to really learn how to use them all. This was major.

Reaching Out. Things also started to really change when I stopped being chicken about reaching out to other bloggers. Whether it’s through a blog comment, on Twitter, or with an email, it’s important to both stay in contact with your contemporaries and reach out to bigger bloggers who inspire you. You never know where it could lead.

Going to Alt. If you want to do this blogging thing, go to Alt. Just go. Your first time will be overwhelming, but you’ll also leave with  fire in your heart for what you do and a list a mile long of ideas. I left with my head spinning and a bunch of new buddies who are now old friends.

Being More Active on Social Media. This year, I have been trying to really stay on top of my social media interactions, and I’m loving the results I see. I feel like my blog’s community is growing and becoming more authentic, and I love talking to readers and knowing what they’re all about. Social media is such a great tool for lending authenticity to yourself and your brand.

Going to Alt Again (and speaking). This falls into the “Not Being Chicken” category, but last year when I tossed my name in the hat to be a speaker at Alt, I never dreamed I would have been chosen. Going a second time and speaking on a panel forced me to bring my A game, and I’m so grateful for the experience. It was such a reinforcement that it’s crucial to push outside of your comfort zone; I almost always find that when I do, great things happen.

Treating it Like a Business. That’s where I am now. I talk to an accountant. I send invoices. I have business cards. It’s legit. This is what I’ve been trying to work on more this year, and I find that it’s all about mindset. If you treat your blog like a business, it will be. No one can legitimize it but you, so get crackin’.

What else?! I’d love to hear from some of you bloggers out there about the choices or moves you made that turned out to be game changers. Please share in the comments and we’ll all bask in the wisdom! xoxo

27 thoughts on “Blogging // Grow Your Blog”

  1. thanks for the advice. i wonder sometimes if i want to grow my readership- i mean i mostly do it for myself and some family, with hopes of connecting to some like minded folks. I wonder how it would change if you have lots of people looking at it everyday. i’ve got a lifestyle/ personal blog thing going though, so that’s a big difference, ya know? anyhow, these are such wonderful ideas and in one of my moments when i get enthusiastic i plan to revisit them.

  2. Great advice! Thanks for encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone, because, you’re right. Usually, only good things are to follow!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! It’s perfect timing for me. I’m trying to be more active on social media and really learn how to use my nice camera this summer. I’ve also been trying to post my own projects once a week. Creating original content is time consuming so it’s hard since I also work full time…but I think it’s more fulfilling. Thanks for sharing your experience; it’s encouraging!

  4. For someone who is wanting to take their blogging to the next level, this is great advice! There are so many great blogs out there that it seems a bit overwhelming at times to come up with fresh content. But I know it can be done! I hear nothing but amazing things about ALT and love to read how much it pumps up all the creatives out there!

  5. As always, you rock, friend! I’ve love love loved seeing Lovely Indeed grow over the years and seeing your talents shine. xoxo

  6. Thanks for this, it’s really helpful for blogging newbies like myself. I love watching my favorite blogs develop and yours is especially inspiring!

  7. Thank you for this post! Not being chicken is something I have to work on. It’s nice to know that even a successful blogger I really admire has felt that way too.

  8. A wealth of information! Thanks for sharing!
    I recently started a business and have to step out of my comfort zone and reach out to even more people. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

  9. I have watched you grow and loved it! Thanks for putting back into the community with all your genuine, open knowledge. It’s really appreciated. I hope we will be able to do the same in the not to distant future. We can’t wait to be inspired further by you!

  10. This is amazing advice! I appreciate this so very much!I am just starting and I am anxious to build my readership, but I need to start doing some of the things you suggested. It’s all really helpful! I hope to one day visit Alt – it sounds like a bloggers paradise! Thank you for giving back to the blogging community.

    For me, one of my biggest challenges has been to trust myself and not care what others will think and write for me. Ultimately that has been the most fulfilling and the scariest.

  11. great advice, chelsea! don’t forget, you have a fun personality and voice – which all adds to the sweet content! having something unique along with it being quality is key, too! i did my first alt (for everyone) this year and it was so fun to connect with other bloggers! ^__^

  12. Thank you for your great series of posts about blogging. I’m new to the game and really appreciate your insights. I love the classy and professional way you manage your blog and hope to bring the same standards to my own. Thanks for setting the bar high!

  13. Thank you for the great and encouraging tips! We’ve just started to blog and will definitely try some of the points mentioned above (going to Alt will be a little difficult as we are on the other side of the world 😉 )

        1. So cool! My husband and I almost made it there this summer during our travels but didn’t have enough time. It’s near the top of my list to get there someday!

          1. Vienna is actually really a very cool place to live! And it’s the home of Sachertorte as well… 😉
            If you ever make it to the city let me know – then I can give you some visiting tips. 🙂

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  15. Thanks for this open post. I really enjoyed reading about your story and how you developed. It’s very inspiring since I’ve also just started a blog, more a lifestyle/travel/diary thing and currently figuring out everything.
    So thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

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