Blogging // The Process of Writing a Post


Blogging: How to Write a Post

If you’re a blogger, you know that the process of writing one little post can be kind of daunting (especially if the post involves making something physical, like a recipe or a DIY project). Blogs are, after all, essentially like miniature daily online magazines, and to turn out quality content for your blog is something that we all strive for. I’m asked often (by bloggers and non-bloggers) what the post writing process looks like for me, so I thought I’d tackle it today. Let’s get down to it.

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Create a Concept. Whether it’s a DIY project, a travel post, a style post, or part of another series that I have, I always consider the concept of a post before I dive in. Will you guys like it? Will it be interesting/informative/helpful/beautiful? Will it be attainable to create? Is it worth sharing? Does it fall within the Lovely Indeed aesthetic? I ask myself these questions (and more!) each time I put something together, to be sure that the content I’m giving you is hopefully awesome.

Visualize the Execution. This one’s crucial, especially for a “production post” — that is, a post that involves making something (recipe, craft, etc). Sometimes I’ll have a great idea and realize there’s really no way to execute it with the tools I have at my disposal, or that it might be way too tough for readers to want to tackle. Those ideas either get scrapped, or retooled to be more attainable.

Test it Out. Sometimes I skip this one and kick myself later. I’ve been mid-recipe while cooking and photographing something for a food post and realize that what I’m making tastes terrible, or just plain won’t work. And then I always wish that I had tested it first, to be sure that my idea was sound. Other magical times, things just work out great. It’s a gamble.

Create Visuals. This can mean lots of different things. If you’re putting together a production post, this means styling your creation and taking photographs. If you’re putting together a mood board or a more design-heavy post, it can mean getting into Illustrator or Photoshop and putting together some beautiful things to look at. Whatever it is, this one’s key. Beautiful images are, to me, what makes or breaks a post. I’m always trying to up my game on this one because it’s my weak spot.

Edit Photographs. If your visuals involve your own photography, be sure to edit the photos so that they look great. I’m a fan of clean, crisp, bright photos, so that’s the Lovely Indeed vibe. But whatever your favorite flavor, figure it out and stick to it so that your blog posts have a cohesive feel.

Write Copy. I love this part. I’ll sit down at my computer and bang out three or four posts in a row, I love writing so much. It’s like putting together a puzzle for me. If you’re sharing a tutorial post, be sure that your copy is clear, concise, and has great instructions. If you’re sharing something more creative, include copy that supports your beautiful images. I also love when a blogger’s real voice comes through in their writing — as though you were having a conversation with them. That’s the best.

Put it All Together. Get on your blog platform and put it all together! Mix your images and copy in such a way that they flow well and don’t interrupt each other. Be sure that you categorize and tag your posts appropriately (this might be an entirely separate post topic!). And always preview to try to catch any errors.

Schedule and Publicize. I’m a fan of the auto-schedule feature on WordPress (I love WordPress!), so I always schedule my posts to go live while I’m still asleep. It’s like magic. Once your post is live, don’t forget to share it on your social media platforms to show everyone your hard work.

If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! It’s a process that is flexible, personal, and should be fun, right? I mean, aren’t we all blogging because we are passionate about it?! And if you are interested in some one-on-one guidance, don’t be shy to hit up Lovely Indeed’s consultation services (I’m a fan of helping bloggers get organized and on the right track!). I’d also love to hear more about your personal process if you’re a blogger, so share with us in the comments! xoxo

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  1. Nonbloggers are always surprised when I tell them just how long it takes me to put a post together. I typically write the copy at the very beginning, nothing where to insert photos or confirm details, and then test and photograph. Sometimes posts sit for weeks, or months, before actually being published.

  2. Thoughts on tagging/categories? I have not many categories and more tags. And my tags and categories don’t necessarily match…

  3. I love hearing how other people write their posts! I’ve been trying to climb out of a rut and get a system for writing and editing posts. These are some great starting points to it change up and see what works! Thanks!

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