DIY Blingy Easter Eggs



It’s going to be an Easter egg-fest around these parts for the next few days, and we’re kicking it off with a sparkly bang! Some of my favorite Easter eggs are the ones that don’t use any dye at all. You can put these fancy little huevos together in a split second if you have some rhinestones and a glue gun.

Just make sure your eggs are at room temperature, decide on a pattern, and go to town! Put a little dab of hot glue on the back of each rhinestone and carefully place it on the egg. Use tweezers for the smaller ones if it helps. (And by the way, isn’t Mr. Lovely a smashing hand model?)


So whaddaya think? Are you going the traditional egg-dye route this Easter, or are you up for something a little more flashy? Come back tomorrow for another out-of-the-box Easter egg idea. xoxo





  1. melissa on said:

    These are so fun! I can’t wait for Easter. I don’t really decorate for Easter but some really pretty eggs are always fun and I like decorating those.

  2. Alana on said:

    Awww I love this idea! Very cool way to dress up a table centrepiece 🙂

  3. Pippa on said:

    So fun! Way classier than your average Easter egg 😉

    • chelsea on said:

      Haha! It’s like a black-tie Easter egg.

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