This Week + Flowers Galore

pineapple on a pink wall

I was up to my elbows in flowers for most of this week and I loved every second of it. I think in an alternate universe somewhere I could have been a flower shop girl. Like a florist version of Kathleen Kelly. Not that I’m particularly great at floral stuff, but it just makes me insanely happy to be surrounded by all that pretty. But I digress.

I hope you loved our little edible flower petal waffles post because we have lots more flowers on the way to celebrate spring! Mr. Lovely and I were practically running all over town all week, leaving a wake of flower petals behind us. So stay tuned for all that jazz.

In other funny news, I did a quick Instagram poll to see whether you liked this or this better and it became The Great Pineapple Debate of 2015! Did you weigh in?

This weekend we’re dogsitting, so expect some possible puppy photobombs over on Instagram, if you’re into that. It’s been freakishly summerish around these parts so I’m looking forward to summer-type things! I’m even firing up my blender to get back into my green smoothie routine. I stopped those back when I was pregnant with Hanko because they made me absolutely ill. But now they sound crazy refreshing so we’re getting back on that bandwagon.

Today we’re actually taking off a little early to play some hooky and get out of dodge on a mini day trip. We hit a couple of rough little bumps this week (nothing serious — just life-knocking-you-around type of stuff) and I think it’ll do my heart some good to have a little adventure with my two dudes. We’re heading out with no plans and no schedule and it’s gonna be perfect.

What are you up to this weekend?! Do tell. And if you’re bored, here’s some stuff to keep you occupied. xoxo

Five times when you definitely shouldn’t procrastinate.
Pop the champagne!
New summer sunnies?
This office makeover is so. good.
The inside of my brain is a joke these days. I need to work on my memory.

Spring (Closet) Cleaning


Spring is just the perfect time to hit the refresh button, isn’t it? All winter long I’ve been living in grays and blacks and my closet looks like this monochromatic wasteland. With the brighter days we’ve been having (today feels like summer!) my wardrobe has just been begging for a little update, so I’m starting to pick out a few pieces that will help get it from winter to spring. The Zappos gang totally gets me, so we teamed up to find a few things that would do the trick.


Can you even deal with that shirt?! Seriously, the second I saw it I knew it would be a perfect piece to transition out of my black and gray rut. The bright white with that little stiletto heel print is perfect to pair with some other pieces that have bright pops of color. Which brings me to…


The best yellow shoes in all the land! Yellow is and will always be my favorite color, and these bad boys are the perfect shade. And I’m kind of all about a d’orsay flat these days! Just right for spring — your toes are covered in case it’s cold but they kind of feel like a really chic sandal. Initially I ordered these guys in a size 10 (yes, I know I have giant feet) but they were huge when they came! Luckily, Zappos returns are crazy easy and free, which is the best thing in the world. (Speaking of which, their 2-day shipping is free, too. I live for free shipping.) I had new shoes in the right size in about 3 days. And it was a good thing, too, because I could not wait to wear these things.

My final staple for spring? These pull-on skinny pants. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t be bothered with pants that have a zipper or button these days. I’m kind of living in these. And they come in a rainbow of other colors that are perf for spring. I was digging on this sea glass shade. They go with evvvrything.



So what about you? Does your closet need a good spring cleaning? Or am I the only one who slips into the winter monochrome trap? Ever since my little Zappos box showed up in the mail my closet is feeling lighter, brighter, and much more springy. I’d love to know what pieces you’d add to your closet to refresh for the new season! xoxo


This post is sponsored by Zappos. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

Glitter Desktop Wallpaper Download with Sprout

Sprout by HP

Sprout by HP

Since my last project using HP’s Sprout, I’ve been getting to know the machine a little better and testing the boundaries of what it can do. This time around I wanted to use the overhead camera and scanner features a little more, and try out a few different materials to see how they’d photograph. Initially I was trying to think of things to toss onto the touchpad to see how they’d photograph (fresh flowers? washi tape? my child?), and then it hit me that it might be fun to see how it would work with something reflective. So…. glitter.

Gold Glitter

You’ll be happy to know that it worked fantastically. You’ll also be happy to know that my glitter shenanigans resulted in a crazy, sparkly, bossy desktop wallpaper that you can download right here. You’ll be happiest to know that all remnants of our glitter fiasco have been obliterated thanks to our handy DustBuster. (Although I’m not gonna lie, there was more than one time that I was feeding Henry and looked down to find a speck of gold glitter in his hair.)


Sprout by HP

But I digress. This feature on the Sprout is totally fun! You can put items on the mat, scan or photograph them, and then manipulate them with the computer to add them to your design work. It’s kind of brilliant, and a very hands-on approach to design which is a refreshing change from just working with images on a computer all the time. It’s very cool to be able to touch and rearrange things on the mat and capture them right there, without using your own camera as a middle man. Kind of a new way to work, but it’s exciting!

Working at Lovely Indeed

Yeah Glitter Desktop Wallpaper

And so friends, I hope this glittery goodness finds its way onto your desktop. For more info about the Sprout and to see it in action, head right over here (Todd Selby’s video is particularly rad!). Yeah! xoxo


Photos by Scot Woodman

This post is sponsored by HP. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

Road Tripping with a Baby

Road Tripping with a Baby

A while back, we took the tiny dude on his first big road trip, down to our old stomping grounds in LA. I had asked my mom pals on Instagram for tips on taking long car trips with an infant, and got a wealth of knowledge handed to me! Lots of the tips came in handy on our trip, and we also learned a thing or two on the fly. I figured I’d impart some first-hand knowledge here, just in case any of y’all are tossing a kiddo into the car for a good old fashioned road trip.

Try to stick to your routine or schedule. We’ve got Henry on a (flexible) schedule, so we tried to plan our driving and stopping around the times that he would usually eat. I also wanted to try to give him a little bit of time up and out of his carseat, so we tried to make it all coincide, along with the times that the grownups needed to grab a meal.

Just a few (really great) toys should do it. I was trying so hard not to overpack, and in the end we probably brought a few too many things. But we nailed it on the toys. All he really needed was a little hanging toy to look at in his carseat for the times when he was awake and bored. If he got overwhelmed with it, we just removed it and he would calm down. Lesson learned — no need to pack the whole toy bench.

Mind the sun. The only times he really got fussy in the car was when the sun was blazing down on him through the window. We even have those window shades in the back seat, but they weren’t cutting it. So we did a little improvising with some scarves and it cut the fussiness right out.

Bring something comforting. For Henry, that means a pacifier (yikes — I’m kind of scared of letting that go for too long, but for now it works). For other babies it might mean a blankie or a special toy. But whatever it is that helps the kiddo be comfy and sleepy, bring it. And don’t be afraid to use it.

We have lots more travel plans for the little guy — you know we love to keep moving! So if you have more brilliant travel tips for the little ones, please please leave them in the comments! Next up for us is our first flight with him, probably around six months or so. Tell me what I’ll need! xoxo

Easter Brunch Idea // Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

My love for waffles is growing deeper and deeper. It’s bordering on a Leslie Knope-type waffle love situation. Ever since Ryan got me a waffle maker for Christmas a couple of years ago we’ve been trying out recipes and eventually I realized I Instagram so many waffles I gave them their own hashtag. It’s been a million years since I did a waffle post on the blog so these spring beauties were the perfect time to bring it back! The perfect idea for an Easter brunch: edible flower waffles!

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

They’re crazy simple to put together — all you need is your favorite waffle recipe (which obviously should be this one) and some edible flower petals. All of these insanely gorgeous flowers came from Flower Muse and I had the absolute best time pretending to be a florist! We worked with Flower Muse on Meet/Make/Do last year — they’re an absolute dream. You can order flowers online and they ship right to your door direct from the farm. When these showed up they were so fresh and perfect.

So! Whip up your waffles. For these, I liked waffles that didn’t reach the edges of the waffle maker so they had unfinished edges. To get that look, just don’t fill your waffle maker with batter — leave a little space around the sides. Once your waffles are made, stack ‘em up and sprinkle them with petals. Here’s a great resource about what kinds of flowers are edible. Always be sure to check whether they’re safe before you ingest any plants or flowers! We used tulip, rose, peony, carnation, and dandelion petals.

especially think you should serve ‘em like this:

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

How pretty is this for an Easter brunch?! It’s like a meal and a centerpiece all in one. Boom. Two pretty birds. One pretty stone. You can drizzle them with syrup or honey, or even dust with a little powdered sugar, too. Hope these petals find their way to your table! xoxo

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

Flowers for this post were graciously provided by Flower Muse.

Married Life // Birthdays

gummy bears

Now that we’re old married people, I almost can’t even remember how we used to celebrate each other’s birthdays when we started dating. Oh wait! Yes I do. We were living in NYC and every birthday was a shindig out at a bar or restaurant, where whoever’s birthday it wasn’t did all the planning and inviting and paying for drinks. I remember one year my birthday there was this huge snowstorm in the city and I was so stressed and sad because I thought no one would venture out in that weather. Mr. Lovely did lots of calling and texting and put together one of my favorite parties ever. Now that I look back, that sounds exhausting. Ha!

It’s not that I don’t like to hang out with bunches of people any more. And having a big party can definitely be fun. But now that we’re in it for the long haul and we’ll (hopefully) be celebrating a whole mess of birthdays together, my preference in the way that we celebrate has totally changed. What did we do for this last birthday for instance? My two guys took me to lunch at Chipotle (that guac tho) and to Trader Joe’s to get my favorite gummy bears on earth. We had family taco night, and then spent a day in San Francisco a few days later. Nothing fancy, just little adventures with the people that I love most.

We hardly even do gifts any more, which is actually kind of a relief. Mr. Lovely surprised me with a couple of vinyl albums that I had been wanting and we called it a very successful day. (He didn’t wrap them — I came out into the living room in the morning and they were leaning against the tv. Ha.) So. This is my question for you guys. Have we lost the romance and excitement? Or is it kind of expected that after a while you don’t need a whole fanfare for birthdays? I mean, I guess where we’ve settled is a celebration in a smaller way — a way where a taco bar with your family is really all you need in the world.

So leave a comment: How do you celebrate birthdays with your boo?! (Ha. I said boo.) xoxo

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

I loooooove Easter egg season! It’s so fun to come up with something new each year. This year I made myself chuckle with a few of these little guys. They’re pretty funny for an Easter egg hunt, or just for leaving in a bowl as decoration. Bonus points if you get this one:

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

Let’s make ‘em!


  • contact paper or adhesive vinyl
  • scissors and craft knife
  • optional (but it makes it a whole heckuva lot easier): Cricut cutting machine
  • eggs
  • craft paint
  • paintbrushes
  • tweezers

Make Time: 1 Hour (Plus Drying Time)

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been doing lots of cutting projects lately and while you totally could do them by hand, they are so much better and so much easier if you use a Cricut machine. No joke, cutting all of these words took about 3 minutes with the Cricut. By hand I’m sure it would have taken hours. But I digress.

Cut out your letters in phrases that you love. If you like mine, you can download the file right here! Upload it to the Cricut design space and cut, or print it onto your vinyl and cut out the letters by hand. Set your letters aside.

Hard boil your eggs and dye or paint them. I chose to paint these because I wanted really opaque, saturated colors. Just cover them with a coat or two of paint and let them dry thoroughly.

Stick your letters onto your eggs! It can help to use tweezers for placement if your letters are extra tiny. Press the letters into the eggs to be sure that they adhere thoroughly.

Hide these dudes all over the yard and make your family hunt for them! Or just take pictures and Instagram the pants off ‘em. Either way, you’re pretty much gonna win at Easter. I said a hip, hop… xoxo

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

DIY Typography Easter Eggs

DIY Typography Easter Eggs