DIY Painted Pattern Sneakers

DIY Painted Pattern Sneakers

Okay, so I know that little dude won’t be fitting into these for a good year, but this just couldn’t be helped. These shoes needed to be made for my unborn child and that was all there was to it. While we’ve been looking around at baby boy clothes, we’re finding that there’s definitely some cool stuff out there for tiny men, but it’s sometimes few and far between. Or everything has “Daddy’s Little Slugger” on it. Or some variation of a turtle wearing a baseball cap. So I’m taking matters into my own hands and making our dude a few things that I really love.


This project was so fast it kind of blew my mind. I thought it would take forever but it actually took about 10 minutes flat. And now I’m kind of tempted to make a big-person sized pair for myself. Mother-son matchy matchy shoes? Too much? (I kid. Sort of.)

Anyway! To get the full tutorial on how to make these puppies, head over to Momtastic. Go get the low down! xoxo



Moving Day!

Moving Day

It’s happening! Everything is boxed and wrapped and today’s the day we get to haul it all to the new house. Even though we won’t be officially moving in for a couple of weeks (we’re waiting for floors to be refinished), I’m so glad to start the process. It’s a beautiful fresh start, and the perfect way to say goodbye to the summer and hello to a new adventure. Chances are in the coming weeks you’ll see lots of peeks at a big ol’ mess of a house as we get things in order, so follow along on my Instagram and Mr. Lovely’s Instagram to keep up if you like. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming here on the blog for the rest of the week too, so come back tomorrow for a particularly adorable DIY (if I do say so myself).

Okay! All well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and high fives gratefully accepted as this almost-7-month pregnant woman attempts to unpack an entire household of boxes! (Anyone wanna come over and line my shelves with contact paper?) xoxo

Balsamic Fig & Goat Cheese Crostini

Hey lovelies! If you need a quick, fancy recipe for this weekend, check out the Balsamic Fig & Goat Cheese Crostini I whipped up for Laicie over at her blog, A Thousand Threads. Laicie is out on a fab vacation and asked if I might share a little something with her readers. Go get the recipe, and check out the rest of her blog as well — it’s a beautiful thing to scroll through. Spend your weekend in her archives, and have a good one! xoxo


Balsamic Fig & Goat Cheese Crostini

The Yellow Conference


I’m so excited today, because I’m heading to a brand new conference and I can’t wait. The Yellow Conference is here in the LA area and it’s meant for women who want to “bring goodness to the world through everyday living.” You’ve got to read the rest of their mission statement — that alone is inspiring enough, so I can’t imagine what we’re in for at the actual conference.

I’ve been feeling lately that I’d love to inject a little more purpose into the blog somehow; I love what I do and I love sharing my life and adventures here, but it feels like there’s a key element that’s lacking. I’m heading to the conference with a goal in mind of trying to nail down what exactly that is and what it would look like to change things up around here a bit. It’ll be so refreshing to spend a couple of days thinking about the heart of what I do, rather than the nuts and bolts for a change.

If you happen to be at the conference, be sure and say hello! xoxo

Making a Baby Registry

Making a Baby Registry

I remember registering for our wedding, and it seemed like such a snap. Pick a store, go there, point the gun at what you want, boom. Done. But with baby stuff it’s a whole new ball game! First of all, who in the world knows what a baby needs? Thank goodness I have an older sister with two little ones — I’ve been able to rely on her for lots of advice (and a pretty killer stash of hand-me-downs). And secondly, when we started looking around at baby gear we realized there was no one store that met all of our needs or expectations. Enter BabyList.

We were so pumped to find BabyList — it’s a universal baby registry that you can use online or on your phone to register for anything and everything. Diaper cream from Target? Yes. A baby book from Anthropologie? Yes. Home-delivered meals or services from your favorite vendors? Yes yes yes. It’s so smart, because we are finding that every new parents’ needs are going to be a little different, and BabyList kind of solves that problem. Maybe you don’t need a ton of baby stuff but you could really use a lawn mowing service for a month. Register for it, dudes. Check out a little video we made of the registry in action.

Another thing that I love is that we can register for baby items that aren’t necessarily from big box stores, and so we really have control over the aesthetic of the things that we are putting on our registry. Maybe not all of the bouncy chairs in Babies R Us are exactly our style, ya know? So we’ve been having a ball searching out things we’ll love to have in our home. It’s been so easy to use — there’s a handy button you can add to your browser toolbar and when you’re searching online, a few clicks will add any item to your registry.

Making a Baby Registry

Mr. Lovely is all about the app (that cute little nerd of mine) and loves to check and edit the registry on his phone. He’s also been known to be in a store and register for something on the spot using the app (IKEA baby section, anyone?). And to top it all off, they’ve got lots of fun extras like registry insert cards, recommendations, and completion discounts at certain stores.

Truly can’t say enough about the BabyList team! I’m just so pumped on it, you guys. And they’ve been a dream to work with while we’ve been putting our registry together. Check out their blog for lots of inspiration and find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. xoxo

P.S. Major shout out to Kelly at Studio DIY for her gorgeous studio space! We had such a ball shooting our video there. I tried to fit the pink couch in my purse to take home but she caught me…

Making a Baby Registry

Making a Baby RegistryThis post is sponsored by BabyList. All opinions are of course my own! Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking.

Travel // Newport Beach & Balboa Island

Travel // Newport Beach & Balboa Island

Travel // Newport Beach & Balboa Island

Last week the mister and I headed out for a couple of days on an anniversary adventure! We decided during our first married year that instead of exchanging gifts on anniversaries, we’d take trips. So we’ve been alternating big trips and small trips each year, and because last year was our big Paris extravaganza this year we kept it close to home. We just hopped in the car and headed down the road about an hour to Newport Beach!

Even though it’s a quick drive, it feels like a different world. We stayed in a little airbnb on Balboa Island, a tiny little island with mostly really pretty houses, lots of boats, and one great street with shops and restaurants. There’s not a ton to do except for wander around and exclaim about how pretty everything is, which is just about how we filled our couple of days. But if you’re headed that way, I do have a few recommendations.
Click for lots of photos and our favorite Balboa spots!

Baby Stuff // 4

Baby Stuff

The other day I asked the husb to help me notice any time I groan or sigh while I’m moving around. For some reason, now that I’m getting larger, I have all of these sounds happening! Like a big groan whenever I get up off the couch, as if I just ran a marathon and someone is asking me to go run another one. It’s crazy! There’s no good reason for it. But that’s what’s happening. So this week’s project is to try to nip it and nip it good. (Have y’all ever been pregnant? Was there a point where moving around was easier if you could narrate your every move with grunts and sighs? I feel like a cavewoman.)

Anyway! How’s that for a radical start to your Monday? Hope you’re all thoroughly disgusted and can now go about your day feeling really good about yourselves because you can function like normal people.

Here’s more! xoxo

WEEK 26.

EATING salad. I swear it makes my hands less puffy.

DRINKING oh geez, this one’s boring. I’m taking it off next time. More water than I care to talk about. (What should I replace this with?)

READING ummmm the Harry Potter books while I’m at the gym? Haha, we took a little baby book break.

WANTING my abdominal muscles back.

SLEEPING soundly until 5 am every day, at which time my bladder is screaming at me.

WEARING stripes all the time! What is it about maternity clothes and stripes?!

FEELING a little freaked out at the prospect of actually raising a child.

LOVING that I’m still hitting the gym 5 or 6 times a week. It’s one of the things that makes me feel best.