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Manhattan Beach Bike Path

The husb and I spent a couple days recently in Manhattan Beach with my sister and her family. They rented this pretty boss beach house for their family vacay and we obviously went and crashed it. One day while the kiddos were napping Mr. Lovely and I snuck out with our bikes to ride the bike path.

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Okay first of all, that path is amazing! It goes for miles and miles and passes really cool stuff like the 90120 beach house, which you will only appreciate if you are old like me. And it’s smooth and beautiful and it has mile markers so you know how far you’ve gone. It’s awesome. If you’re in Manhattan beach, you should at least rent some bikes for a while and take a cruise.

And speaking of bikes, I keep meaning to share more about the best bike in all the land, A.K.A. The Bike that My Husband and Parents Got Me For My Birthday (months ago). It’s probably the best bike I’ve ever ridden — it’s The Crosby from Pure City Cycles, and oh my gosh is it a dream. I have all of these bike DIY ideas stored up to make for it, to share with all y’all who are bike fans too. So stay tuned there. But for now we just took it on a field trip to the beach and it was the best. Enjoy some more gratuitous photos and have a gorgeous day! xoxo

Manhattan Beach Bike Path
Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

Manhattan Beach Bike Path

This Week // 29

Pregnant tummy with feet

This week I can still see my toes, but just barely!

This week was full of meetings, work, brainstorming, adventures, and moving & baby prep (which is, in itself, a full-time job.)

This week all I really wanted to do was lay on the couch. Sometimes I did.

This week I was totally inspired by a few serendipitous articles about what it’s really like to be a creative blogger, and how this type of work can bleed over into your personal life. Click through if you’re curious!

Can Full-Time Bloggers Live Off of Rainbows & Hugs?

The Changing Business of a Blog

A State of the Blog Address

Hope you have a gorgeous weekend! xoxo

Road Trips, Pregnancy Weight, and More


In case you’re interested, here’s a bit more of my writing around the interwebs! Click through to read each full article. Hope you guys are having a perfect, summery week. xoxo

Mr. Lovely and I are road trip experts. Here are his essentials, and here are mine.

Do you love my pregnancy overshares? Get your fill here: week 16 weight gain, week 17 wondering if baby is in there, and week 18 babymoon thoughts.

Totally still diggin’ on this little printable for a lemonade stand!

Do you have a fire pit? Would love to try to make one for our new place.

Did you know that July is literally National Hot Dog Month? Bonkers.

How to Find the Good Stuff at a Yard Sale

How to find the good stuff at a yard sale

I love going to yard sales. Like, looooooove it. (I also love hosting yard sales, but that’s a conversation for a different day.) I don’t know why really, but it’s one of my favorite things to do with Mr. Lovely on a weekend morning. Maybe it’s the thrill of the hunt? Or the fact that you never know what you’re going to find? Or maybe it’s a bit of a social thing — I really enjoy meeting the people who are selling and hearing the stories about what they’ve got for sale. Whatever it is, we’ve found our fair share of yard sale gems over the years, so I thought I’d share some tips along with a few of my favorite finds.

Mapping Mr. Lovely is in charge of this part — he found this app called Yard Sale Treasure Map. It allows you to pull up an area and maps out the sales nearby. Lots of times we’ll also go on Craigslist and see who’s got their yard sale publicized, then merge all of the info. (I love finding a yard sale ad on Craigslist that’s really well-written, because you know the sale is going to be organized! I’m totally insane.)

Go Early (But Not too Early) Guys, all the good stuff gets snapped up first, and that’s a fact. If you see a sale online with something you want and it starts at 8, wait outside in your car until 7:59 and then go get it. Just beware, some sellers really don’t like early birds, so play it by ear.

Phone Research We always take our smartphones with us so that we can search product prices online. If someone is selling something that we love but the price seems a bit steep, we’ll search for a retail price and use it as a bargaining chip. It’s also just good to have a point of reference about whether it would be smarter to buy a brand-new version of whatever you’re looking at.

Cash No bigger yard sale bummer than finding something totally awesome and being out of cash! Some sellers will hold items for you, but not if there’s another paying customer right behind ya. Stock your wallets with some cashola.

Bargaining Oooooh, this is my fave. I love the art of haggling. Lots of the time, sellers really are just looking to get rid of stuff, especially on the second day of a sale. So put on your big girl panties and try to talk them down a few bucks if the price of an item is too steep. My favorite tactics are bundling (finding a few items you like and getting a low group price) and the ol’ walk-away: ask for the price of an item, and just nod when the seller responds. Then wander away from it and wait for him to lower the price. Works like a charm. Of course there’s always the tried-and-true direct approach: “Would you take $5 instead?” That’s if you’re brave.

Make Sure it Works Sounds like a no-brainer, but especially if you’re buying cameras or electronics, ask to give the item a test run. Be picky.

Look for Potential Most of all, try to look at objects and see them in a different setting! Sometimes it’s tough to spot potential if a piece is dirty or tossed among a pile of junk. But there are treasures in there if you have the creativity to find ‘em.

And now, for some of my favorite yard sale finds! We’ve got a story behind each piece and can literally remember where and when we bought them. I love shopping like that. If you have a great find, I’d love to hear the story! xoxo

How to find the good stuff at a yard sale

A New (Old) Home


Well y’all, we were getting itchy for a new place to live with baby coming and all, and we found one! In our own backyard. Well, kind of. It actually is our own backyard. Let me explain.

I’ve actually owned a home in Central California during the time that we’ve lived in NYC and LA, and had renters living there and taking care of the place. It was a home that we thought we’d return to “someday,” when the time felt right. So when we needed a bigger space for baby and were looking around LA for homes, we slowly came to realize that it was kind of silly to look for a new place when this beautiful home on a tree-lined street (that’s the neighborhood, in the photo above) was there waiting for us. And suddenly the time felt right, so here we go!

Our only qualm was leaving LA and our friends here, but the extra exciting thing is that we’ll be super close to family so baby will have cousins and grandparents and aunties and uncles to grow up with. I’m so, so excited to work on the house and share a zillion new projects and updates. And I’m beyond excited to make a home and a life there with Mr. Lovely and the Little Lovely on the way.

So! That’s our news! I’ll be sharing updates, photos, and more, coming soon. Here’s to a new adventure! xoxo

Baby Stuff // 2

Pregnancy Week 20

Hey! IT’S A BOY! Yeah, dudes. We’re having a little fellow and we are pretty stoked. I can’t say that it came as a surprise — we had been calling Baby Lovely a “he” all along, because we just sort of had a feeling. But it’s so awesome to officially know and to be able to start planning things (read: buying adorable baby boy clothes). Here’s your TMI violation for the day!  xoxo

WEEK 20.

EATING all the time. Not necessarily more, just all the time. I kind of like to take a meal and spread it out over a few hours. Weird.

DRINKING oh, ya know, mojitos and champagne. In my dreams. In real life, I’ve started making this concoction of seltzer water with a splash of Pellegrino Limonata. It’s amazing.

READING through the stack of baby books that my sister gave us two seconds after we told her I was pregnant. I confess: I don’t care now. It kind of feels like homework. But I know for sure that when baby is here, I’ll be glad we took the time to learn things.

WANTING to get my hands on baby’s new room and whip it into shape!

SLEEPING …sort of. I wouldn’t say I’m sleeping poorly, but there’s usually an hour or so each night where I’m wide awake trying to get comfy.

WEARING maxi dresses. My number one preggo attire recommendation so far. Invest in a maxi dress for every day of the week.

FEELING pretty good! The lava lamp isn’t quite as intense any more, which is like a gift from heaven. Feeling energized and ready to rumble.

LOVING that I finally know what baby kicks feel like! I couldn’t distinguish them for the longest time, but I’m an old pro now. Little guy likes to move around lots in the morning and at night.

Desktop Designers // Ciera Holzenthal

Free Desktop Wallpaper

Stay hungry, stay foolish.
-Steve Jobs


This quote always gets me revved up. When I need a little kick in the pants I think of those words and it gives me a boost to do the thing that I am afraid to do. I love having this wallpaper on my computer desktop.

And today’s designer nailed it! Ciera Holzenthal has such a cool, natural style, and I love how it fits with this particular quote. Ciera is a busy bee — she’s the owner, graphic designer, and blogger behing Ciera Design Studio. She also founded The Made in Mind Social and recently launched an ebook called The Meetup Guide, all about how to plan and host local events in your area. I love her focus on getting creative people together! Here’s more about Ciera.

Free Desktop Wallpaper

Free Desktop Wallpaper

Check out more from Ciera on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. And download your freebie desktop wallapaper below! To check out all of our past desktop freebies, head over here. Have a great weekend! xoxo