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bowl of glitter

It was a bowl-of-glitter-on-your-desk type of week, y’all! I’m not really sure what exactly that means, but any time there’s a bowl of gold glitter around it makes you feel a little festive, you know? And also a little terrified that it’s going to tip over and make a disco mess all over the place at any moment. But mostly festive.

I had a birthday this week, and I have to give you all big smooches for the wishes, emails, texts, comments, and love! The internet sure does make you feel special on your birthday, huh? Thanks a million, guys. We celebrated with Chipotle and Trader Joe’s gummy bears (which are the best gummy bears in the whole world). This weekend we’ll be gallivanting around San Francisco for some extended birthday action, so follow along on Instagram to see what shenanigans we get into.

In the meantime, some links for you while you’re laying around in your pajamas this weekend! xoxo

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We had a little scare with our home security system this week (it ended up being okay!), which made me really glad we have one.
Wish I could be in Houston to play with Brit and Ash at their workshop!
That Jeff Mindell sure knows how to take a photo.
I probably need to get this for my niece.
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Your Skin After Baby



You guys. I’m learning that there are approximately one zillion things that no one warns you about when you have a baby. It’s like there’s this secret litany of crazy things that happen to your body after that baby is born, and no one really wants to talk about it because you might just run away screaming. But I’m here to keep it real, so let’s talk about my skin.

It’s always been an issue, if you remember. During the first trimester of my pregnancy I had spots on my forehead that would put a high schooler to shame. And now, after having the little guy, I’m battling some crazy stuff again — there are a few breakouts (although not as bad as before) with these insane patches of dry skin that will. not. leave. I have tried it all. Exfoliation. Moisturizer. Voodoo rain dances. Nothing was working, until this stuff.

I figured that since bareMinerals was my answer last time, I should see if they had anything that would help out my adorable scaly skin. Turns out, there’s a new product called Complexion Rescue — it’s somewhere between a BB cream and a CC cream and a simple tinted moisturizer. I gave it a shot, and no joke, within about a week the dry patches were clearing. My skin has been getting smoother and more hydrated, and I’m not bombarding it with scary amounts of exfoliation or creams. I love this stuff because it’s double duty, like feeding your skin some great moisture and putting on your makeup at the same time. (I’m all about time savers these days.)




On our trip to LA recently we stayed at an airbnb with these gorgeous fruit trees in the backyard and Mr. Lovely suggested taking some photos back there with Henry. A couple of weeks before, it would have stressed me out to hop in front of the camera and I would have immediately taken to Photoshop to fix up my skin. But with the dry patches cleared up I was all about it. And Henry was cooperative too (that delicious little nugget)! It’s so nice to just feel fresh-faced and not have to worry about hiding any imperfections. Just like bareMinerals’ mantra: Be original. Be natural. Be good.

If your skin needs a little rehab these days what with the winter months, you definitely want to give this stuff a try. I’ll be using it to get through these crazy post-baby skin times! And I’m curious — if you have little ones, did you experience anything crazy with your skin after they arrived? xoxo






It’s my birthday, hey! I’m celebrating today away from my office and gallivanting with my two guys, so we’re keeping today’s post short and sweet. I’m pumped on this year. Life right about now looks quite a bit different than it did last year — baby, house, all that jazz. It’s very grown up. But the good news is that my heart and my brain still feel like a solid 27 so I’m ignoring the difference between that and 34. I’m 34. Geez. Don’t you remember being little and hearing someone saying that they were 34 and thinking that they were so old? And like you would probably never, ever be 34. Well as it turns out, 34 is pretty cool to be.

Hope you’re celebrating something fun today too! xoxo

Lovely Up Your Inbox

Be Lovely

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies! I’ve got some fun news for ya. I’ve been hinting at a few fun changes to come here on the ol’ blog, and we’re starting to roll some of them out! First up, a Lovely Indeed newsletter!

I know what you’re thinking — more junk in my inbox. But hold up. We’ve got rules for this here newsletter. First, it won’t come more than about once a month. Second, it won’t be full of a whole bunch of boring stuff you don’t care about. Third, it will always have something fancy and exclusive just for the folks who subscribe! We’re talking new downloads, secret DIYs, and giveaways!

Our first newsletter will be going out in just a few days so if you’re feeling adventurous, enter your email below to be included (if you’ve already signed up for the newsletter elsewhere, no need to do it again). This first installment will include a freebie download of a pretty spring wallpaper for your desktop and phone, designed by none other than the adorable and talented Lindsey Crafter! You don’t wanna miss it. So sign on up if you want a little lovely for your inbox! xoxo

Get More Lovely

Married Life // Looking Good


Before we start, can we just acknowledge that we looked like absolute children on our wedding day? Geez when did I get so old?!

Something tells me this one might get some strong opinions in the comments, and I’m all for that. But it’s been on my mind lately so I want to know your thoughts. Here’s the deal. I’m pretty sure Mr. Lovely would love me regardless of the way that I look. Fat, thin, bald, cross-eyed — whatever. And vice versa. I would love him if all of his teeth fell out and he singed his eyebrows off in a terrible grilling accident. For sure.

But! Here I am, post baby, scrapping to get my body back the way that I like it. And one hundred percent truthfully, I am working out and watching what I eat because I want to. I feel better when I’m healthy and keeping it right. But also, it’s a fact that I want my husband to think I’m looking good. I guess my question for you guys is this: Do you think we owe it to our spouses to try to keep looking as fly as we did on our wedding day?

My answer is a wholehearted yes. And that’s where I think I might rile some people up. Of course we should all love each other regardless of our outer appearance. Of course. But also, I feel like when I’m working on my health and fitness it’s also a gift I’m giving Mr. Lovely. The gift of self care, and the fact that it makes me feel better. The fact that when I do my makeup or hair or actually put on clothes, I feel like a better, stronger, more on-top-of-it version of myself. And what’s wrong with feeling that way, and giving that as a gift to the person you married?

Do you know that song, Wives and Lovers? It’s so antiquated and kind of crazy. The first lyrics are, “Hey, little girl, comb your hair, fix your makeup. Soon he will open the door. Don’t think because there’s a ring on your finger you needn’t try any more.” What?! Crazy, right? I remember being in high school and listening to that song and being pissed. Because, ya know, feminism and all that. But now I kiiiiind of get what Burt Bacharach was saying (in a really misguided way). It’s so easy to get married and have a baby and forget to wash your hair one day and suddenly you don’t wear anything but sweatpants and you find yourself looking in the mirror like “Who is this?!” And not that I’m afraid that if I wear sweatpants Mr. Lovely is going to go running to the arms of another woman, but doesn’t he deserve a cute outfit and some lip gloss every once in a while?

Maybe I’m not expressing myself very clearly here. It feels kind of jumbled. And here’s hoping I haven’t alienated all of you lovely feminists out there. But hopefully some of you are picking up what I’m putting down. And of course I’d love to hear your opinion! If you’re in a long term relationship, do you find it important to maintain your looks for your honey? xoxo

This Week




We got some fun news this week — Lovely Indeed is a top ten finalist for Better Homes and Gardens’ DIY blogger award! The other finalists are very fancy, awesome bloggers (and I’m proud to call lots of them my good pals!). If you’re in a voting mood, head right over here and vote it out for your favorite. You’ll need to skip ahead to the DIY section.


Otherwise, this week was filled with lots of work, photoshoots, time with friends + fam, delicious fajitas from our favorite taqueria, and one million baby kisses. Those photos up yonder are from a silly little impromptu photoshoot I forced (yeah right) Mr. Lovely and Henry into. They secretly loved it. Red Stamp sent us those love balloons so we all tossed on something pink (Hank didn’t seem to have any pink in his wardrobe so he got the heart) and snapped away. I loved that day.

So! What are you up to this weekend? If you need a little extra entertainment, I’ve got you covered. xoxo

Watching Lauren’s calligraphy videos is totally mesmerizing.
I’ll take these sunnies, please.
My phone battery was constantly dying so I did a little research.
Yes, all pancakes need flowers.
And speaking of breakfast food, did you see Lovely Indeed’s new hashtag?



Blogging // Working from Home

Tips for Working From Home

Sometimes blogging is a really niche, weird profession to understand, and sometimes it’s just exactly like any other profession. I have been sitting here trying to sort out how it might be different to be a blogger at home and, say, a financial manager at home, and really I think they might be pretty similar. Because while a blogger’s workday might have a little more glitter or Instagramming than some other at-home professions, anyone working from home has to find a way to make it productive and fulfilling.

Blogging has been my “job” now for a few years, and during that time I’ve realized that working from home has some major benefits and some major challenges. Obviously, it looks pretty amazing to make your own schedule, work in sweatpants, and be your own boss. But I know that I also have to keep myself in check when there’s no bossman to answer to or timeclock to punch. So I have a few little rules and tricks that I use for myself when I work from home, to be sure I stay productive and keep rocking out.

Get Dressed. I’m not gonna lie. There are days when I wake up at 6 am and I sit down at my computer and start working and I look up and it’s 10 am and oopsie I’m still working in my pajamas. But most days I make sure that I get to the gym, get cleaned up, and put on regular clothes like regular people. There’s just something about being put together that gives ya a little extra boost of productivity and professionalism, even if you’re at your kitchen table.

Get Out. Don’t get stuck at home. It’s a trap. Especially if you are feeling creatively stuck or in a professional rut. Get out! Go take your computer to a coffee shop, or take a research trip to a new location, or scout and source some materials that you might need. Maybe not every day, but if you tune in you’ll know when you need to get out. Sometimes you need a change of scenery to get refreshed, and puttering up and down your own hallway just ain’t gonna cut it.

Connect. This particularly has been something that’s changed my work experience over the last year or two. It can be so isolating to work at home for yourself, and connecting with other people can shoo away the isolation. Schedule meetings, plan work dates, put events together, find a partner to tackle a project with. Whatever it looks like to you, find a network of people to connect with.

Have a (Vague) Schedule. Mr. Lovely and I both work from home, and I wouldn’t say we have strict stop and start times, but we do have a structure to our day and that helps immensely (especially now with a little one). Mornings are usually administrative business, email catchup, and phone meetings. We always, always break for lunch — neither one of us do well when we’re hangry. Then afternoons are website builds for him and usually creating or photoshooting for me, with lots of flexibility for both of us when other things pop up. Sometimes we get sidetracked when the doorbell rings or something comes up at home, but we can always get back on track if we stay flexible.

Have a Workspace. When we finally found a place to live with enough space to create a little office, both the quality and the quantity of the work we do skyrocketed. It’s a luxury for sure to have an office if you work at home, but a “workspace” can mean anything — a small desk with just the essentials, or a favorite spot at the kitchen table. Carve it out and treasure it. (Disclaimer: Sometimes I loooove working on my couch. Especially in my final weeks of pregnancy, it was the only comfortable place to sit and work. I fully endorse a couch workday every now and then.)

Do you work from home? I’d love to know what you do and how you set yourself up to rock out. Do leave a comment and gimme your two cents! xoxo