diy washi tape easter eggs

You guys, Easter’s a couple of weeks away, and I went on an Easter egg decorating binge last weekend.  I realized that I hadn’t dyed eggs in years, and I think I may have been trying to make up for lost time.  These don’t require any dye though — just get some eggs, washi tape, and scissors, and go to town.

The directions are kind of self-explanatory; just cut tape in different shapes and apply to room-temperature eggs (hard-boiled, if you wish).  The only one that was a bit tricky was the gold dot egg — I layered two types of washi tape and punched out dots with an oversized hole punch.

Whaddaya think?  Is it something that you’d try, or do you prefer the tried-and-true dyed Easter eggs?  I think these are so lovely, but I couldn’t resist a little dye action too — I’ll share those a little closer to Easter!  xoxo

245 thoughts on “diy washi tape easter eggs”

  1. OMG. I LOVE these!! What a simply, yet beautiful idea! I have amassed an enormous supply of washi tape – and I know my kids will really enjoy this project. Thanks!

  2. Your eggs are great ! So great that I tried to make one… and I posted it on my little blog, with a link to your article. Thank you for sharing this idea : D

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  4. Hi,
    The eggs look ah-mazing! Just wanted to ask where you go in bangkok to buy Washi tape? Terribly new and would help me a lot!
    Thanks and have a great day!

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  7. These are beautiful! How do u do the green one? The others seem fairly easy to figure out but the green one seems special…what’s ur method?



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  10. I was looking for easy easter egg DIYs and found this. This is fantastic and really easy to do so I included it in my blog post. I am very new (and very late) in joining the washi tape bandwagon and this just adds to the things that I can do with it.

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