Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

Kara has a habit of creating projects for us that I want to make a million of! Maggie saw a photo of these rainbow Easter baskets and flipped, so I’m fairly certain I’ll be making her one of her own very soon, just to use as a little purse or bag for toys. Now let’s make a rainbow Easter basket!

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way! With Easter so early this year and less than two weeks after St. Patrick’s Day, it seemed only fitting to make a rainbow Easter basket. This adorbs rainbow Easter basket is not only a snap to make (even if you have no sewing skills what so ever), but it can do double duty as a fun purse for your kiddo! And by using felt, the project can literally come together with just some scissors and a glue gun. Now that’s something truly amazing!


  • 2 Felt Sheets in each color of the rainbow (I went for a more pastel rainbow and used pink, orange, yellow, mint, and lavender)
  • 4″ Strip of felt by the yard (you can find this at the fabric store)
  • Gold deco foil and Hot melt adhesive sheets (optional for the gold handles and side)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing machine (optional)

Make Time – 1 hour

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

Step 1: Begin by cutting out the felt sheets in full rainbow shaped arches. You want each arch to be whole as you can see the purple one is. This is because you are going to glue the orange to the pink and the yellow to the orange and so one to create a stacked rainbow.

Step 2: Once you have cut two arches from each color, use the glue gun to glue the layers together around the outer edge of each color.

Step 3: Pin the 4″ strip of felt at the bottom edge of one of the rainbows and work your way towards the top. Once you reach the top about 3″ to the left of the  center of the rainbow top, add a pin. Then measure approximately 12″ of felt from the strip and add another pin. Use this pin as the starting point to continue pinning the strip to the rainbow about 3″ to the right from the center. Continue until the strip reaches the bottom where you began. What you have essentially done is create a handle out of the side piece of the bag to minimize sewing/glueing.

Step 4: Use the hot glue to attach the strip to the rainbow along the pinned area. You can alternatively sew the strip to the rainbow if you prefer.

Step 5: Repeat the pinning process with the back rainbow. And then sew or glue it into place.

Step 6: Fold the handle into thirds and use the glue gun to hold in place.

A few notes, since this is an kids Easter basket and we are using felt, I didn’t worry about making this seams face inwards. This made the process so much easier! Also, if you want to have a gold felt handle, you can iron the hot melt adhesive to the felt, let cool and remove the paper backing. Then iron the gold deco foil onto the hot melt adhesive, let cool and remove the plastic backing to create gold felt. Then proceed with step 3-6.

Don’t you want to make a rainbow Easter basket now?! My only problem is that now I have to make another one so that each of my kids gets one! xo. Kara

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket

Make a Rainbow Easter Basket


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