Holiday Preview // DIY Plywood Christmas Tree

I know — you’re super confused because it’s not even Halloween yet! Believe me, I’m not trying to fast forward through fall. I just thought I’d put up a little sneak peek of some Christmasy goodness that I worked on over the summer. Yeah, we get a jump on things around here sometimes. And truthfully, […]

Happy 4th & A Long Weekend

Taking off a bit early this week to celebrate the 4th! What are you doing to celebrate? I know we just got back from our Hawaii trip, but I’ll never turn down a three day weekend. So we’ll be soaking up some sun, sharing time with pals, and being thankful for the freedoms that we […]

DIY 4th of July Sparkler Packs

Since the 4th of July is this weekend, I have a split-second DIY for you! It’s just a simple printable, but it would be super fun at your 4th of July celebrations if you’re a sparkler-kind-of-person. And let’s be real, I think anybody reading this here blog is a sparkler-kind-of-person. This is so easy! Materials […]

Cinco de Mayo Linkies (and more!)

Sooooo… oopsie I didn’t do any Cinco de Mayo projects this year! I’ve been so wrapped up in the show that I basically missed all of April and now it’s just about May! So in a belated attempt to help you celebrate, let’s just revisit some of the oldies but goodies, shall we? Make a quick […]

Easter Egg Bonanza

I was taking an Eastery walk down memory lane this weekend and realized that I have quite the library of DIY Easter egg posts! I thought I’d revive a few of them in case you’re looking to get eggy this week before Easter. Follow the links to the individual posts and tutorials! Have a gorgeous […]

DIY Bunny Slippers

I’ve never had bunny slippers before! They totally make me giggle. And I thought they’d be cumbersome to wear, but these little bunnies are just as comfy as can be! And I think I figured out a way to make them that’s so simple even the anti-crafty folks will want to tackle this one. Here […]