Salty Dog Summer Cocktail Recipe

Salty dog cocktail recipe

Salty dog cocktail recipe

One of the best summers of my life was spent in Sarasota. That town knows how to have a good time, I tell ya. I was there doing a show, and Ryan was with me, and because we were only performing the show at night we had all day free to explore, adventure, and hang out on some of the best beaches in the whole world (in my humble opinion). You know what I mean if you’ve ever been to Siesta Key! Hidden beaches, soft white sand, turquoise water, and a town with a beach mentality that just makes you never want to leave. We would go with friends down to the beach for the day and end up at The Old Salty Dog, sitting on the porch with burgers and coconut shrimp and drinking Salty Dogs. It’s a cocktail that is now forever entwined with happy summers for me, and I wanted to share it!


  • fresh grapefruit juice
  • vodka or gin
  • salt
  • ice

Start by juicing your grapefruit. Fill a small plate with your salt. Dip the rim of an empty glass into the grapefruit juice, shake off any excess, and then dip directly into the salt to create a salt rim.

Salty dog cocktail recipe

Fill the glass 2/3 full of ice. Pour in an ounce of vodka or gin — either works, just use your fave! Fill the glass with grapefruit juice.

That’s it! It’s so pretty and so refreshing and just perfect for a summer shindig. And a little bit of trivia: a Salty Dog is just a Greyhound cocktail with salt on the rim. Get it?! Fun fact. Use it at your next cocktail party to impress everybody. Cheers! xoxo

Salty dog cocktail recipe

Salty dog cocktail recipe Salty dog cocktail recipe

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