Activities to Do at Home With Kids! eBook with Over 200 Ideas

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This eBook is what you’ve been waiting for! Comprised of over 200 activities to do at home with kids, you can keep your little ones busy for days with fresh, new ideas. You’ll never hear “I’m bored” again (and you’ll get some time to yourself, too)!

At home activities for kids

If you spend lots of time at home with your kids, you know how hard it can be to keep young ones engaged, entertained, and get a little time for yourself. We can all use some ideas when it comes to keeping our young kids active in both learning and play.

In an effort to help, I’ve created a “curriculum” of sorts, a multi-week at home activity schedule for kids and toddlers!

After an overwhelming response to my activity schedule for kids (which I created when many schools closed during 2020), and a request for more, I doubled down and created an eBook just for you.

Twice as many activities, new schedule ideas, tips for staying sane while you’re home with the kids, and a whole bunch more. It’s all packed into the At Home Activities for Kids eBook!

What Activities Can I Do With My Kids At Home?

If you’re used to having young kids with daycare or preschool schedules and school closes for summer, it can feel completely overwhelming! Days are long and weeks are longer.

So I put together this multi-week activity schedule, to help jump start some ideas. There are enough ideas to fill your weekdays (leaving your weekends open) for the next four weeks.

You’ll most likely have a few extra activities that you can sprinkle around. You can follow every day to the letter, or you can use it to tailor the schedule and ideas to your children and your family. There’s no wrong way to use it!

The schedule is linked out to materials, websites, and more, to help round out the experience and make it as interactive as possible.

(If you make your way through the whole thing and still need ideas, here are 41 free or cheap things to do with kids!)

At Home activities for Kids

Finding yourself home all day with your kids is a daunting proposition in the best of circumstances, for the best of parents. There’s no denying that being a stay at home parent is a tough gig.

We work from home, and now with two kids (ages 4 and 6) home with us all day, we were really in need of some structure and some fresh ideas.

Enter this eBook.

I collected all of my best ideas (some new and some old), and compiled them for you, here. This is meant to be a resource – a library, of sorts.

Something that you can come to when you’re fresh out of ideas but the kids are hungry for more. Something that you feel like you always have in your back pocket.

What’s In It?

Here’s what you’ll find in At Home Activities for Kids.

  • 20 themed days, each with 8 on-theme activity ideas in four categories (letters, numbers, crafts, and sensory)
  • Educational and/or entertainment TV show recommendations that correspond to the day’s theme
  • 2 structured daily schedule options
  • 1 create-your-own-schedule template
  • 1 daily checklist template
  • Over 30 ideas for outdoor play
  • Over a dozen ideas for movement or focus-based play
  • Neighborhood outreach activities
  • Activity ideas for when all else fails
  • Actionable tips for staying sane in an at-home-parent routine
  • A linked materials list
At home activities for kids

Who is it for?

The activities, projects, and ideas in the eBook are best suited for kids age 2-7. (See below if you have older kids!)

Each idea is a variation on activities that I have done with my own kids. Each idea is also adjustable, so that you can make it suit your family’s needs.

General concepts include:

  • letter repetition, basic reading, basic writing
  • number recognition + writing, introduction to elementary math ideas
  • fine motor skills (cutting, glueing, coloring)
  • color recognition and use
  • arts + crafts
  • sensory play, interacting with our surroundings
  • independent play
At home activities for kids

How Do I Use It?

That’s up to you! If you like structure, you can follow one of the included schedules and plug in the various activities from the themed days. Used in that way, you’ll have over four weeks worth of at-home activity ideas.

The schedule breaks up the day into different sections — learning, sensory, craft, physical activity, and more.

For each category, you’ll find a huge selection of ideas that you can plug in. Take into account your kids’ ages, how much time you have, or what everybody feels like doing.

There are outdoor play ideas, letter and number exercises, crafts, sensory projects, and lots more. I’ve also included some ideas for when all else fails.

If you like to be more flexible, then you can pick and choose the activities that your kids would enjoy and sprinkle them throughout your days. In this way, it can be like a library full of things that you’ve never tried!

You could even make a game out of it, and have your kids roll dice or close their eyes and point to an activity on one of the pages.

No matter how you use it, it will keep your days fresh and interesting — and keep your kiddos engaged.

It’ll also help create some time for you, while your kids are busy working on some new activities.

Download the at home activities eBook

I hope you love the eBook, and that it brings your family joy! I’d love to see how you’re using it, so tag me @lovelyindeed in your Instagram posts or stories as your kids try some new activities.

Staying Home with Your Kids

I hope that this schedule helps you fill your days with lots of fun, learning, and ease! I also truly hope that it give you as a parent a few minutes in every day that you can have for yourself.

If your kiddos try out these ideas and love them, let me know! I may extend the lesson plans with more days.

If you’re still in need of more ideas to fill your time, add some of these to your activity schedule. These are some of my kids’ favorites:

Alphabet Jell-o Jigglers
How to Make a Ball Pit
DIY Prize Punch Box
My Favorite Kid Art Supplies
Bunny Shaped Rice Krispies Pops
Our Favorite Family Friendly Movie Night Films
….and our library of DIY Games!

Whenever I spend lots of time home alone with my kids, I am reminded how important the role of a stay-at-home parent is. I’m also reminded how exhausting and challenging it can be.

Stay-at-home parents are truly heroes! If you are one of these heroes, I hope that this is a resource for you. We can all help each other!

Another Activity Resource for Older Kids

If you have older kids at home who are in need of creative activities, I’ve created another great resource for you as well.

Make Stuff is a crafting eBook, suited for ages 7-12. it’s filled with 15 crafts and 3 reusable activity sheets that will help keep creative kids busy for days and days.

Each craft uses supplies you’ll find around the house. Things like empty toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, and more are turned into colorful and cool crafts.

Here’s an example:

crafts for kids

Click below if you have older kids and want to check out the Make Stuff eBook!

Have fun! xoxo

P.S. For more at-home help, check out our chore chart and cleaning schedule! These totally keep me sane.

At home activities for kids

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  1. I really liked your activity book. I bought the download & sent it to my 4 grandchildren in another state. I think you had loads of simple & fun ideas. It was organized well & I liked you even added TV shows to match the theme each activity.