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Summer Songs Playlist

Dudes. I have discovered Spotify. Whaaaaaaaat it’s blowing my mind! I love finding people and following their playlists! Why did nobody tell me how rad this is? I’ve been annoyed with iTunes and Apple’s music situation for a long time, and this is kind of a perfect solution. It’s easy and there’s a ton of music and you can discover so much new fun stuff. So! Who wants to know what I’m listening to this summer?

I have a pretty intense musical background so my taste is a little all over the place. We’re starting tame with this one (although we do have some old school stuff on there that I think you’ll love!) but maybe with future playlists I’ll put some wacky tunes in there for ya. 😉 This summer I’m into happy, sunshiny songs so that’s what this playlist is all about! We’ve got everything from Stevie Wonder to Lynrd Skynrd to Miley Cyrus, so get ready to turn up some tunes, roll down your windows, and jam out. xoxo


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  1. A-D-O-R-E Spotify! Don’t make playlists but love it for finding new artists.
    Search “summer” for some new playlists…there’s a happy summer and cottage days (or something similar) that are fun. Love acoustic summer (and acoustic spring before that)