January’s Map My Month

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Download January’s free Map My Month guided worksheet to stay present, purposeful, and create a month that will feel just plain good. These guided journal sheets help you focus, live with intention, and enjoy your days. Read on to learn more about our new series!

Friends, welcome to a new year! Isn’t that such a good feeling?

New Year, New Ideas

Last year, we began each month with an Intention Blueprint. I loved that feeling of a new focus for each month, and I loved seeing and hearing what you thought of each new worksheet.

This year, we’re trying something new.

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Why Do I Share These Monthly Journal Sheets?

Here’s the deal. You know that whole “new year, new you” thing? I don’t buy it.

Opening up a new calendar doesn’t make you a new you. You are the same wonderful you that you have always been.

What it does do, though, is to provide the idea of a fresh start. A chance for our minds to reset and to see possibilities that might have previously been murky or muddled.

It also provides a beautiful opportunity to dream. To look inward and decide what you really want, and what is truly important to you.

And if you know those things, you can fill your life with them every day.

Lovely idea, right?

Map My Month

So instead of getting that feeling on January 1st and having it steadily fade until it’s barely a memory, I’ve created these monthly check-ins so that you can keep that feeling revived throughout the year.

Each month, on the 1st, I’ll provide a free downloadable guided worksheet. (You can download it at the end of the post.) And this year, it’s a bit different.

The monthly prompts will be the same, but we’ll focus on a different prompt each month and really dive deep on one of them.

I’m so excited to see how our responses shift and change over the course of the year.

January’s Map My Month Focus: Your One Word

Once you download and print your January Map My Month, you’ll see all 12 prompts.

This month, give a little extra time to prompt #1: Find a Focus Word.

Here’s why I’m loving this prompt for January: it’s simple. It may feel like a small thing, just finding a word that you can focus on to guide and lead your intentions for the month.

But small things, done with care, have great results.

So do some thinking here and really consider a word that is what you need this month. Maybe you need to feel empowered, peaceful, joyful, calm, resilient, strong, quiet, restful, loud, wild, wise, shrewd, quick, fulfilled, or otherwise.

Choose a word that brings you the feeling you need.

Download January’s Map My Month Below

Here’s what to do next. Get yourself into a headspace ready for possibility, and go through the rest of the prompts on the worksheet, using as much time as you need.

If you plan on participating in Map My Month each month, I suggest you get a binder or a folder to keep all of your worksheets in one place. You can look back at your progress and reference past months’ Maps to see how your year is progressing.

You could even add it to your Intention Blueprints binder if you did those last year!

I hope you love the new Map My Month! Let me know how your first month goes in the comments or on Instagram. xoxo

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