Free Instagram Story Templates

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Add some fun to your Instagram stories with these free Instagram story templates! Boost engagement, share something new, and enjoy the platform in a fun way.

Free Instagram Story Templates

A few weeks back I wrote some of my thoughts about Instagram and the whole “dreaded algorithm” thing. I always say that if Instagram and I had a relationship status, it would be “it’s complicated,” because it can inspire a real love-hate mentality.

On the one hand, it’s such an incredible creative tool and a beautiful way to share the things that truly inspire you.

On the other hand (and mainly from a business perspective), it’s beyond frustrating that you can’t actually reach all of the people who follow you because of the way that the algorithm displays images.

So lately I’ve been trying to shed any frustration with it and just have fun with it, and I wanted to share one way that I’m doing that.

Stories have become a real source of joy for me, so I wanted to share some of the free Instagram story templates that I’ve been creating!

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Free Instagram Story Templates

Free Instagram Story Templates
Free Instagram Story Templates
Free Instagram Story Templates

Why You Should Use Free Instagram Story Templates

The idea is this. I share one of these templates that I created on my own IG stories, and share my own answers by filling them in.

I then encourage people to screenshot a blank version of the template and share on their own stories, so that they can share their own answers! Fun, huh?

Every time I do this, more and more people screenshot and share and it’s so fun to see people playing along. The free Instagram story templates really foster a sense of community and sharing and engaging that I think is missing from Instagram these days.

It’s no fun to just talk and talk and never listen or have someone talk back. So these are a fun way to get a little cross-conversation going.

Download the Templates

So! Want these free Instagram story templates?! You can download them below.

Just one favor: if you use them on Instagram, please tag me in the story, or wherever you use them! The reason for this is twofold.

First, I’d love to see where and how you use it! I love to follow along when people share the things we make.

And secondly, it’s just plain good internet manners. Anytime you share something that you didn’t create, it’s best to credit the person who did. (You’d be shocked at the number of people who don’t realize this!)

You can download these free Instagram story templates below.

Self Care Instagram Story Template
Choices Instagram Story Template
Inventory Instagram Story Template

How to Use Free Instagram Story Templates

To use these, download the file that you would like to use and get the file over to your phone. Open Instagram and add a new story, selecting the photo from your phone’s Camera Roll or photo library.

Fill out your answers to the template using either the pen tool or the typing tool. Share to your stories and tag us so that we can see your answers!

On the next screen, I recommend sharing the same image again with instructions on how they can screenshot it for themselves.

Say something like, “You can find these templates on @lovelyindeed’s Story Highlights under “Templates!” Then they’ll be able to find and screenshot it for themselves so that they can share too.

Hope this is a fun idea for you to use Instagram in a new way! xoxo

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  2. Thanks for sharing. It looks very helpful so far. Day by day the number of Instagram users are increasing. I hope this templates will help the new users. Though I already involved in gaming. Do you have any idea of other sportbooks? Please let me know. Have a very good day!