How Starting a Blog Helped me Find My Why

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starting a blog helped me find my why

Do you ever think about your “why?” The reason that you do everything you do? Or the thing that lights a fire and inspires you into forward motion?

It’s overwhelming, right?

And it’s something that can be really difficult to tease out about yourself without some perspective. But over the last year or two, I feel like my “why” is becoming much more clear to me. And I’ve realized that starting a blog is the thing that is helping to clarify it.

How Starting a Blog Helped Me Find My “Why”

That’s definitely not to say that blogging in and of itself is my purpose. Because that doesn’t feel true for me (although it certainly could be for some people!). But the act of blogging, of sharing what I’m passionate about right here day in and day out, has led me to step back and question and examine the “why” of what I do.

When Growth Comes from Discomfort

To be totally honest, for the last couple of years I had been having a mounting feeling of discomfort about blogging. I was feeling like there wasn’t much purpose to the things that I was sharing — for both myself and for you guys! It was kind of an empty feeling, like I was just going through the motions.

So I started trying to find the root of it.

I questioned the types of things I was sharing on the blog, and realized that I had just fallen into a pattern of “doing what I had always done.” Lovely Indeed has been primarily a DIY blog in the past, but felt like I was making things just to make things. I had grown to a point where I wanted those things to have purpose.

Examining all this brought me to the conclusion that I didn’t think that was really serving anyone. And that brought a huge lightbulb moment — part of my “why” is to serve! To help, to assist, to make things better for other people.

Looking back at my previous jobs (high school teacher, musical theatre actor), I realized that they were each about serving as well, but in very different ways. I also realized that they were both rooted in creating experiences for other people, and in educating and opening possibilities up for others.

Leading with My “why”

I realized all of this in late 2018, and immediately I knew that I wanted to start bringing things in to the Lovely Indeed world that hit those marks. Those “whys” of serving, educating, creating experiences and loveliness. And that’s when I started brainstorming The Productivity Tool Kit. All of my years as an educator, as an entertainer, and as a businesswoman started coming together effortlessly and it all just started pouring out of me.

I’m so excited to let my “whys” keep leading me forward and see what shape it takes next. I’m also unspeakably grateful that starting this blog years ago was the thing that finally crystallized in my mind what I’m best at and what I’m passionate about.

So if you’re noticing that Lovely Indeed has a new feel recently, you’re not wrong! This space, after all, has always been a reflection of my life and the things in it. It feels now like we’re pivoting a huge ship to a slightly fresh angle, and it will be a gradual thing. But it also feels like exactly the right direction. xoxo

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have been struggling with my why as well and this couldn’t have had more perfect timing.

  2. No matter where we are in our lives, questioning “why” is always healthy. Thanks for inspiring me daily.

  3. I’m so glad that you found your “why” and are now turning your blog in this new direction. I’ve been following you for quite some time and have noticed the changes. You’re doing a marvelous job, and helping give some of us a “why” of our own. Never stop sharing your passions and gifts. You don’t always realize how much you may be helping others, even if you don’t feel like you are.

  4. As someone who has also started a blog and experienced content creation’s ups and downs, this article resonated with me. I can relate to going through the motions and questioning the purpose behind my writing. Currently, I have trouble creating content, so I get inspiration from articles from other bloggers. In such cases, I use to avoid plagiarism and make my text unique. Reading about how the author found their “why” through blogging inspires me to reflect on my motivations for creating content. I appreciate the author’s honesty and vulnerability in sharing their journey towards finding their purpose. It’s not always a straightforward path, but it’s worth taking the time to reflect and make changes if necessary.