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Purpose and productivity go hand in hand! In fact, you might argue that one is meaningless without the other. Learn all about our updated course and how it can help you find both!

purpose and productivity

When I created our digital course, The Productivity Tool Kit, I did it out of a desire to help people in a tangible, actionable way.

I wanted to actually change your days for the better.

why a Course about Productivity?

I asked myself: What are my true strengths? And what is something that my people need my help with?

The answers that came back? Teaching. I’m a great teacher. Organization and productivity. I’m great at those too. And it just so happens that those are the things that people ask me about over and over and over.

“Can I pick your brain? How do you get so much done?”
“Do you have any tips on being productive?”
“You seem so happy, how do you structure your days?”

And it hit me like a bolt of lightning that I can teach people to get organized and productive.

But not just in the regular way. In a way that incorporates purpose, and heart, and is full of joy. A new way.

Here’s How Course students Describe it

And so here we are, with a course full of students who are telling me things like this:

“After taking this course, I feel empowered to move forward, launching my blog and business.”

“This is the time, right before I complete something, that I usually stop. Because once I finish, the real work begins. Yet, something is different with this course. I’m PREPARED. I’m READY. This was the work I didn’t know I needed.”

“Because of the Tool Kit my professional life is booming! Instead of feeling overwhelmed and out of control, I feel more empowered than ever.”

“I cannot say enough of how it’s helping me find a confidence and courage in myself that I always thought I had, wanted to have, but every time someone knocked me down I let them. This tool kit has been huge for me. Exactly what I needed!”

Purpose and Productivity

Putting this course together has truly been a labor of love, each section and lesson meant to help make you feel more present and less overwhelmed in your life.

The tagline of the course is “Stress less. Live more.” And that’s truly what I think it helps people do.

The tools and strategies in The Productivity Tool Kit aren’t just about checking things off of your to-do list. They’re about getting the things done that you want to be doing, with your best effort — so that you can then be more present and peaceful in the rest of your life.

Read that paragraph again. It’s CRAZY IMPORTANT. And it’s the heart of the whole thing.

New Bonus Module

To celebrate the relaunch of The Productivity Tool Kit, there’s a whole new module that’s meant to help explore and identify purpose and how it ties into our need for productivity.

This is a wild time, and I know how very hard it can feel to even look at a calendar or a to-do list. It’s overwhelming to the point of feeling paralyzed.

So this new module is a new approach to that: a deep dive into yourself, your values, and more. And when you connect those things to the productivity tools I teach — well, that’s a magic combination that I want you all to experience!

How to Get In

Friend, hit the button below to learn more about the Tool Kit — you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I’ll be offering lots and lots of freebies and bonuses in the coming weeks, so you can add those to your arsenal too.

I want to do everything in my power to help you feel positive, free, productive, and purposeful. And like your days belong to you. xoxo

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