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Maggie // Two Months

Two month old baby girl

Sweet Marguerite is two big months old! I’m sure I sound like a broken record but I can’t believe how time flies. And, it seems, time flies even faster with a second baby. We are deep into life over here, passing milestones like crazy between our two little nuggets and trying our best to sit in every moment and enjoy it before it passes. Maggie is just a little doll and she wanted to swing by and tell you what’s what with her these days.

She’s an observer. She’ll sit quietly and watch people/toys/fans/whatever is in front of her forever. Until you get in front of her and encourage her to talk and then she’ll give you an earful of cooing and ahhhh’s and she’ll smile for you as long as you like. I’m wondering if she’ll stay like that, because that’s kind of how I am — an introverted extrovert who just needs a little coaxing. She’s on a rockstar schedule during the day, eating every 3 hours and napping in between. At night we’re still… working out the kinks. 😉 She goes to sleep at 8 and  wakes around 3 am and 6 am to eat. Which I guess could be a lot worse! She isn’t the best of friends with her carseat and just doesn’t understand why she has to be strapped in there. Until she falls asleep, then she’ll sleep in it for a good 2 hours. She loves it when Daddy whistles, and when Mama blows raspberries. Bath time is like her own personal little spa day. She’s super into it. And that, friends, is our Maggie. xoxo

P.S. Maggie at one month! And Henry at two months!

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8 thoughts on “Maggie // Two Months

  1. Pppppplllease share how you get her to sleep so well at night’ Our 5 week old is up every 3 hours unless I co-sleep, which we were very against with our first! Do you swaddle Maggie? Is she in a bassinet or the crib? I must know alllll the deets.

    1. Hey Juliann! I’m planning to do a whole post on this soon, but here’s the abridged version. During the day we do an eat-awake-sleep routine, feeding every 3 hours and waking from naps to feed if need be. We swaddle for naps and nighttime (Summer Swaddle Sacks). Starting at 4 weeks we did a bedtime routine of bath, jammies, final feed in a dark room with white noise. She was in a bassinet in our room at night at the beginning, but at 8 weeks we kicked her out into her crib. We also just recently started a dream feed at 10 pm and it’s extending her nighttime sleep until about 5 am. Hang in there mama! You are doing great!

      1. Thanks so much for the reply! My first is the same age as Henry, so I follow all your toddler/baby posts. I’ll be looking forward to your more in-depth post on this subject (and eager to learn how Henry’s schedule works around Maggie’s). I swear the minute I put Emerson down for a nap somehow baby Everly is up ready to be nursed. No time to get anything done! The minute my toddler goes to bed at night, she’s up again, super alert and ready for another feeding.

        I’ve been following you for awhile…and again I love that our kiddos are the exact same age. So fun to see the similarities (and differences)!

        1. Absolutely! The whole dual-scheduling thing is crazy. On the days when they both nap at the same time I feel like supermom. 😉 We’re still ironing that one out! Stay tuned for a post and I’ll try to be as thorough as possible. Haha! Kiss those babes of yours for me. xo