Henry // Two Months


Our baby guy hit the two month mark a few days ago! That’s bizarre — I’m pretty sure it was just the other day that we brought him home from the hospital and were walking him back and forth across the floor all night to get him to stop crying. Sometimes I look at him and wish for time to slow down already. And we just barely got this party started!

Anyway, here’s what two month old Hank is like. He loves to eat. He sometimes likes to sleep. Naps are iffy and nighttimes are pretty good (knock on all the wood). That little sheep is his sleepy companion — it makes white noise, which helps him snooze. He loves when you tap his nose with your finger and go “Boop boop boop!” But who doesn’t like that. He’s a major fan of staring at the colored balls over his mamaRoo swing. Like, he kind of trips on them. Sometimes I take them away because I’m afraid it’s hurting his brain he loves them so much. He’s all about having smiley staring contests with dad. And dance parties with mom. He’ll slime your shoulder if you don’t cover it with a cloth when you hold him. And his least favorite thing in the world is a wet diaper. The end.

Happy two months, tiny guy! xoxo

P.S. Henry at one month!


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  1. yay! he’s looking great! agreed…time needs to slow down. They need to grow slower. that’s the problem! since my daughter was born, my perception of time is forever altered.

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