Maggie // One Month

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One month old baby girl

love having these posts to look back on and see how Henry grew. And I can’t believe that it’s already time to make Maggie’s first one! Girlfriend hit one month old over the weekend and we commemorated the occasion with some photos and taking stock of the last few weeks with this new nugget.

Mags is still just a freshie, but she definitely has likes and dislikes. She loves falling asleep with her head kind of hanging all floppy, and bonus points if you bounce her around so her head jiggles a little bit. Weirdo. More likes — staring blankly at Henry. For reals. She’s not super expressive in the face yet (although we had our first smiles over the weekend!) but she would just stare at him in fascination forever. Or at least until she got tired. Staring at the ceiling fan, and sleeping on daddy’s chest in the early morning hours are big hits too.

Dislikes? Wet diapers (but dirty seem to be just fine, thank you very much). Having her clothes changed. She really doesn’t like sticking her arms through the arm holes. Other than that she’s not too fussy. If you keep this girl fed she’s pretty much cool with everything else. Although she does have a not-so-cute case of reflux, which keeps me on my toes. She skipped the simple baby spit-up and went straight to vomiting all over the place, tossing up entire feedings every now and again, usually all over me and herself. The first time it happened I freaked because Henry had never done that, and I was sure she was dying. So I started Googling things which as we all know is the WORST thing a parent can do, because there is way too much scary information and way too many alarmists on the internet. Doctor says she’s fine, though, so for now it just means we are very aware of her feedings, hunger cues, and try to keep her at an upright angle as much as we can. (It also means we do a lot of laundry.)

We’re slowly figuring things out and I feel like every day we make a little progress toward having a routine with the two kids. Maggie very naturally fell into a feeding and napping schedule within her first couple of weeks (thank goodness!), so we’re working with that to find our new rhythm. Over the weekend I was able to squeeze in my first workout since having her and it felt incredible to get back to doing these things that I love little by little. I can see how eventually we’ll settle into this new normal, although I’m sure it’ll take some doing. I’m loving being on maternity leave right now and focusing mainly on this little family of mine (although it does feel good to dip my toe back into work every now and then!).

Thanks all so much for your well wishes and fun messages! We’re having a ball over here, vomit-covered sweaters and all. 😉 xoxo

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