Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

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You did all the shopping, you did all the wrapping — did you remember the tags? Grab our free printable Christmas gift tags and get those packages under the tree.

printable christmas gift tags

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been putting a holiday or birthday gift together and realized that I have no gift tags on hand! Lucky for us, the internet exists.

Every time I’ve been in a pinch for a gift tag or birthday card, I’ve found a perfect printable option online, created by another blogger or designer.

And today, I’m that person for you!

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printable christmas gift tags

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

While the title of the post is “Christmas gift tags,” these were actually designed to be useful for any winter holiday! Of course they look great on a Christmas gift, but they’d be equally pretty on a winter birthday gift, a Hanukkah gift, or just a bottle of wine for a friendly neighbor.

The winter wreath illustration was hand-drawn by yours truly. I was learning Adobe Illustrator at the time and it was one of my first practice projects.

I hung onto it for a little while, wondering where it might eventually find a place. As it turns out, it looks great on a printable gift tag!

More Printable tags

As a heads up, we do have a few other printable tags and gift wrap ideas that I think you’ll like! I’ve rounded up a few of them from our archives below:

printable christmas gift tags


You’ll need a few supplies to print these downloadable tags.

Computer and Printer. You’ll need your home computer and printer to download and print the design.

White Cardstock. Technically, you could print the tags on regular computer paper, but cardstock has a nice, thick weight to it that lends itself well to this project.

Scissors or Paper Trimmer. Scissors would work just fine, but I highly recommend investing in a paper trimmer if you tend to craft or make things frequently. The one linked here is under $30 and it’s my most-used tool in my craft studio. It makes your cuts crisp and straight every single time.

Hole Punch. You’ll need a hole punch to be able to string a ribbon through your gift tags.

printable christmas gift tags

How To Print Your Gift Tags

First, just enter your information below to get your free downloadable Christmas gift tags! I’ll send them right to your inbox.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, place the cardstock in your printer (you may need to use the rear paper feed) and print.

Each sheet has six gift tags, so print the appropriate amount of sheets for the number of tags you’ll need.

Once the sheets are printed, simply trim around the border of each tag and use the hole punch to create a hole at the top of the tag. Then string a ribbon through and tie it to your gift! You can also just tape the tags to a gift box or bag to make it simple.

Hope these printable Christmas gift tags make your holiday season a little easier! xoxo

printable christmas gift tags

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