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Simple DIY Holiday Wrapping



I’m about to drop a realness bomb on you. Sometimes I don’t like wrapping presents. Boom. I love the idea of wrapping presents. It’s all cozy and fun and you put music on and drink hot chocolate by the tree and wrap away. Until you have paper cuts everywhere and run out of tape and just can’t get your corners folded right and you’d rather be drinking wine anyway.

Anyone feel me here? If you do, this one’s for you. Super simple, super affordable, super fast DIY holiday wrapping. Let’s do it.


Make Time: 5 Minutes

I didn’t get step-by-step photos for this one, but it’s beyond simple. While your bags are still folded and flat, stamp an image on the front side. Fill with your gift or goodies and fold the top over twice, toward the stamp.


Punch two holes in the folded top section, string with twine, and tie in a bow. Done!

I used these for the West Elm gift bags and they were a hit! They’re perfect if you have a lot of small gifts to give — very cost-effective, and pretty cute to boot. Happy wrapping! xoxo



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15 thoughts on “Simple DIY Holiday Wrapping

  1. This is SUCH a good idea! I actually bought a few people some amazing sugar & spice coffee beans that come in a brown paper bag. I think I’ll just stamp the bags and decorate with ribbon, brilliant!

  2. i’m with ya- I love the idea of wrapping presents, but I have much less patience for it when I actually have to do it! I love the idea of this easy and cute gift bag.

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  5. I’d love to know what kind of ink you used. I’m trying to stamp on grocery bags and am having trouble finding an ink that shows up enough. I’d like to primarily use white ink, which it looks like you have done successfully. If you wouldn’t mind sending me the info on the brand and type of ink you used, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tera! I used a Color Box white pigment ink stamp pad and it worked really well! You just have to give it a little time to dry and cure. Hope it works for you!

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