Holiday Gift Wrapping idea with Miniature Winter Scenes


A holiday gift wrapping idea that’s as easy as it is adorable! Everyone will love these charming miniature snowy scenes atop their gifts this year.

You ask, we answer! You said you were looking for fun, fresh gift wrapping ideas this holiday season so I just couldn’t resist this one. It’s outside the box… literally! This holiday gift wrapping idea with miniature winter scenes is so charming I almost don’t want to give the gifts away.

I love this idea because it’s half DIY project and half gift wrap inspiration. Not to mention the fact that anybody who gets a box wrapped up like this is probably going to love you forever. Let’s get to it!

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Note: The above links are for each of the items we used, but some of them are more expensive online than what you might find in your local craft store! I’d recommend going to the craft store and checking out the dollhouse section or the holiday miniatures before you buy anything online. Same goes for the felt.

Holiday gift wrapping idea with miniature winter scenes

Step 1: Wrap all of your gift boxes as you would normally.

Step 2: Use hot glue to glue any miniature pieces together. We glued gifts onto the back of the bike and the park bench. We also glued wreaths onto the mailbox and bike.

Step 3: Prep your small pieces to create holiday or wintery scenes! To do this, I started by adding a little True Snow to everything, as though all of the scenes were outdoors. Use a small paintbrush to paint on dabs of the True Snow in the places where snow would usually fall (bike fenders, the bench seat and arms, top of the mailbox, etc). While the True Snow is still wet, sprinkle with glitter to add a sparkle. Set these pieces aside to dry.

Step 3: While those pieces are drying, use scissors to cut out pieces of white felt. These will be the base for your winter scenes. You can cut them out in rounded, irregular shapes. Stack up your gift boxes the way that you like them and then add the white felt patches to your boxes in the places where you’d like your miniatures. Place a line of hot glue around the edges of the underside of the felt, and glue the felt to the wrapping paper.

Step 4: Once the True Snow has dried, use hot glue to glue your miniatures in place on the felt patches. Add any small sisal trees that you’d like to complete your scenes.

Step 5: Finish off with a bow.

Don’t you just love these? I feel like the photos can’t do them justice because they’re so tiny and charming in person. These happen to be Henry and Maggie’s Christmas gifts, so don’t tell them. 😉 They’ll be sitting under the tree all season so we can enjoy the little mini scenes. xoxo

Holiday gift wrapping idea with miniature winter scenes
Holiday gift wrapping idea with miniature winter scenes
Holiday gift wrapping idea with miniature winter scenes

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