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10 Modern Daybed Options for a Kids’ Room

Including a modern daybed in a kids’ room is a fun and functional way to give it some character! Try one of these 10 modern daybeds, and check out our upcoming project of updating our daughter’s bedroom.

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

The longer you live in a home, the more you get to know it. You understand the ins and outs of your space better, and you start to see very clearly where it comes up short.

Our daughter, Maggie, has the smallest room in the house. She recently turned five and it has become painfully clear that her bedroom just isn’t functioning well for her.

So we’ve made a plan to revamp it — we’ll hopefully gain some space, create more storage, make a comfortable place for her to play, and update the aesthetic from her previous room. And part of that plan is switching her current bed for a daybed.

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Hunting for a Modern Daybed

I had a daybed as a kid and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was super cool that it had kind of a couch feel.

It also had metal rungs so that I could wrap twinkle lights around it, which was a total dream for me. It reminded me of a bed I had seen once in a movie and that made me fall in love.

When we showed Maggie the idea of a daybed she seemed to feel the same, so we went hunting online!

We wanted a daybed that felt modern and clean, but not cold. Something with a classic base but a little twist that made it feel special.

As I was hunting, I found a whole bunch that might fit the bill. We showed them to Mags and she made her choice (we’ll show you what she picked when we finish the room!).

Before we get too deep, I took a second to round up some of our most helpful home decor and design posts! Be sure to pin your favorites so they’re easy to find again.

Daybeds with a Trundle Vs. Without a Trundle

Our goal was to get a daybed with a trundle, not because we would use the actual trundle but because we wanted there to be space to fit a Nugget underneath. If you’re not familiar, a Nugget is a fold-out play couch that can transform into a zillion different things.

We love it, and kids often sleep on the Nugget when they stay over. But it takes up a huge amount of floor space and the room is pretty small. So we wanted to be able to store it under a bed, and a trundle area works perfectly.

If you’re simply deciding whether or not to trundle, a couple of things to consider.

First, daybeds with trundles can be used without them, no problem. Then you can create under-bed storage.

If you choose a daybed without a trundle, your options open up a bit (see below for a few). But these modern daybeds usually have posts under the bed at the midway point, so it’s tougher to store things under them.

Ten Great Modern Daybed Options

Now let’s see some options!

modern daybeds
  1. Aaru Twin Daybed with Trundle. I love the polished look of this, and how it truly resembles a couch. This would be so gorgeous in a guest bedroom.
  2. Eisenberg Steel Daybed with Trundle. Very classic and pretty affordable!
  3. Honey Rattan Daybed. I love the rattan daybeds, but again, most of them have posts underneath in the middle of the bed, creating an issue for storing anything underneath.
  4. Lupin Gold Daybed. I love the gold tone on this, and the X pattern is really lovely.
  5. Gold Wren Daybed. Another gold option with a trundle, somewhat reminiscent of the Jenny Lind design that’s so popular
  6. Novogratz Bright Pop Daybed. I love the arches on this one, and the whimsical little bobbles. Clean but very fun.
  7. Avalon Channel Stitch Upholstered Daybed. If we had been looking for an upholstered modern daybed, this would probably be my choice! I love the color, the legs, and the height of the sides.
  8. Hemnes Daybed. A solid IKEA choice with storage drawers underneath.
  9. Maya Coastal Rattan Daybed. I love the sides on this pretty rattan option.
  10. Her Majesty Daybed. This, funnily enough, is actually the daybed version of Maggie’s current bed. Very pretty but not quite what we’re looking for.

What do you think? I’d love to know your favorites. And I can’t wait to show you which one ends up in the room. Stay tuned for more updates! xoxo

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